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The 2017 Ball Python Season Is In Full Swing

This is a great time of the year when there is so much happening all at once in many different parts of the reptile community. Aside from having a great variety of reptiles for sale, many of our females are still laying clutches of eggs, there are clutches of eggs hatching in the incubator daily and we are already looking ahead to the 2018 breeding season. Late summer is one of our favorite times of the year revolving around the business of reptiles for sale.

Morph Ball Pythons For Sale

We do tend to be a bit more attached to our Ball Python collection than other companies since it has been a large and defining aspect of who we are at xyzReptiles. Having said this it is still important to note that there is so much more happening right now than having great ball pythons for sale. We are in the midst of stocking our racks with boas of all sorts and sizes including our customer favorites such as the Kenyan Sand boa. We are also deeply involved with local breeders in the acquisition of baby Tegus and baby Tortoises as well as various Geckos and Bearded Dragon Morphs.

Our Ball Python Production

We are looking at another banner year of Ball Python production with over 200 clutches “cooking” in the incubator and many more still to come. While that number is not the biggest in the country it is still one we are very proud of. Maintaining a large breeding collection that can produce 2-300 clutches annually is a logistical and financial challenge that most starting breeders are not prepared for. There is a great amount of preparation that goes into having 1500-2000 baby ball pythons in a three to four month span. Everything from baby racks to bedding and water bowls and properly sized food items. Another challenge is properly identifying and categorizing the many different Ball Python Morphs and combos that can result from a large number of males and females.

The Joys Of Having A Bumper Crop

There are many positive parts of having so many clutches of Ball Python Eggs in such a short time period. One of the best parts of this time of year is seeing the array of brightly colored baby Ball Pythons hatching on a daily basis. Some of the morph combinations are the first of their kind and can be quite challenging in deciphering. It takes a couple of minutes to compare each baby ball python in the clutch to its siblings and try to come to a plausible conclusion as to what may have been involved in the genetic makeup of each snake. The next step is shedding, feeding and sharing pictures of these beauties with friends and customers for the rest of the year.

Ball Pythons have been a passion of ours at xyzReptiles over the years and they continue to fascinate us both with their beauty and their market popularity. We have spent years perfecting our breeding methods as well as our husbandry and would love to share this knowledge with you if you are interested in keeping, raising or breeding ball pythons.

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