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Having Trouble Finding Snakes For Sale For The Holidays?

Holiday Snakes For Sale

The holiday season can be a trying time for parents who are shopping for the perfect gift for their loved ones. They can be exceptionally difficult when their loved ones have requested a specific reptile pet and their parents are having a hard time finding the right snakes for sale.

Where to find snakes for sale during the holidays?

One of the problems associated with this time of year is that most of the baby snakes for sale have already been born, advertised and in many cases sold long before the holiday season. Most reptiles and specially snakes are born in the spring and early to mid-summer and by the end of the year they are either too large to be considered babies or they have been sold through various websites and reptile related shows. It is for this very same reason that we travel across the country and work with our large network of private breeders to make sure that we have a large and diverse inventory of baby snakes for sale throughout the year.

How to get snakes shipped during the winter months?

Another problem that is faced by parents looking to buy their kids reptile pets for the holidays is getting their purchases shipped in one of the coldest months of the year. The cold and snow may put most people in the holiday mood but it can be deadly for an unprotected reptile pet. It’s for this reason that we use specially made insulated boxes and combine them with 40 hour heat packs to make sure that your reptile pet is protected during its journey into your home during these cold winter months. We have also teamed up with a shipping company that has the ability to have packages held for pickup at many hub locations to reduce the dangers of the cold and the road.

Will I have my reptile pet in time for the holidays?

So the real issue with having a reptile pet under the tree is what is happening with the weather in the country the days leading up to the holidays. There are a few different factors to consider and one is the overnight low temperatures at the connecting hubs as well as the overnight low temperatures at the destination sorting facility. At xyzReptiles we have successfully delivered thousands of packages throughout the year from the deserts of Nevada to the shores of Alaska. We have developed different procedures to safely deliver packages even when temperatures are below freezing. We will use our knowledge of reptiles and shipping to successfully deliver your packages in time for the holidays this year.

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