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Suriname & Other True Red Tail Boas As Pets

true red tail boas

When people talk about boa constrictors and their many different localities and morphs the first topic seems to be the difference between true red tail boas and boas in general. Most people can agree that boas are categorized as true red tails, which come from Suriname, Guyana and Brazil and other boas, which occur from Colombia to Mexico and are not considered to be red tail boas even though some have red coloration in their tails. True red tail boas as pets are a very hard to find and often-prized part of a collection. Although imported animals are found on a regular basis, true captive bred and born specimens are getting harder and harder to obtain and will often demand a premium price on the market.

The True Red Tail Boas As Pets

The South American countries of Suriname, Guyana and Brazil share a common border and a boa species that can be considered anything but common. The true red tail boas that are endemic to this part of the world are known for their beautiful coloration and their impressive adult size that can exceed ten feet in length and over fifty pounds in weight. Suriname red tail boas as pets have had a special place in most keepers collections since they are all brightly colored with classic dark red tails and saddles known for their intense widow peaked pattern. Since they can often get over eight feet in length normal housing options will need to be reconsidered and custom caging will have to be involved.

Finding Suriname Red Tail Boas For Sale

Most people that see a true red tail boa next to more common boa constrictors will immediately understand what the fuss is all about and those keepers that have the opportunity to acquire a true red tail will almost always do so. Finding Suriname red tail boas for sale has become harder and harder over the years due to the tendency for the large scale breeders to work with smaller and more prolific species like the central American boas and Colombian boas. At xyzReptiles we have partnered up with a prominent boa breeder that has been working with Suriname boas for decades and are pleased to offer you true captive bred and born Suriname red tail boas for sale at a great price with our industry leading live arrival guarantee.

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