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What Reptiles Make Good Pets In 2024?

what reptiles make good pets

Reptiles are considered among the best household companions due to their exotic personality and gentle nature. However, not all of them are kept as pets. This raises the question of what reptiles make good pets. 

Well, that’s not a problem, as there is an unending list of popular reptiles you can keep as friends. They are unique and several species even come in different color patterns. Take snakes, for example. Aren’t they cute? 

Other than snakes, there are some other renowned pets that catch the attention of reptile enthusiasts. Let’s discuss them in detail below. 

What Reptiles Make Good Pets – Top 3 Reptile Categories

Before we jump into a list of the best reptiles, it’s crucial to understand why reptiles are an ideal choice to keep in your home. The reasons include their low maintenance, as well as their calm, and docile nature. These fascinating creatures are less demanding and can be more rewarding than other furry pets. You can enjoy a long lived reptile buddy by providing it with the proper care and enclosure for its specific needs. Getting excited to bring one home yet? Here are some popular reptiles that you make great pets: 

1. Snakes as Pets 

At the top of the list is snakes. These fascinating companions are cool and normally offer a gentle nature towards their owners. They can be ideal household animals as they don’t need much of your time. Snakes are considered to be one of the best reptiles in the pet trade thanks to their easy-to-handle and normally non-aggressive nature. But that’s not all. When researching snakes for sale, you will find a variety of species to keep as pets. They are vast in their diversity, so let’s have a look at some popular pet snakes one by one: 

1. Ball Pythons 

Ball pythons might be the best answer to what reptiles make good pets. Their friendliness and calm temperament make them on of the most sought-after pet snakes on the market. In fact, they are among the most docile of pet snakes available. This makes them a great option for beginners or those new to reptile pet ownership. You can find them in multiple colors and patterns, from albino to pied. There are thousands of morphs available sporting elegant appearances and vivid color combinations. This makes them an easy choice as an appealing low-maintenance companion to bring into your home. 

2. Corn Snakes

For novice and experienced reptile owners alike, corn snakes can make a beautiful addition to the family. They are small in size and have few maintenance requirements. This makes them among the most favored snakes for reptile enthusiasts. You can easily keep them in a small enclosure, usually a 10 to 30-gallon terrarium, as they are relatively smaller than other pet snakes. They can grow to 40 inches in thier ideal environment with temperatures ranging between 78 to 82 °F. Corn snakes might be the perfect pet reptiles for apartments and condos due to their small size and friendly nature. Thus, adding these adorable, little wiggly creatures to your living space may be a great option. 

3. King Snakes 

With their colorful appearance, king snakes can solve your concerns about what reptiles make good pets. They are beautiful creatures with dark and bright bands throughout the length of their bodies that add to their aesthetic appeal. You can find them in unending colors and patterns, each showcasing an attractive and mesmerizing look. 

Native to the United States, Mexico, and California, they are also known as colubrids and might be a perfect addition as a new companion. They have minimal care requirements and simply feed on other snakes, rodents, or bird eggs. They reach a managable size and can be kept in a small enclosure within your apartment. 

2. Pet Tortoises 

Those questioning what reptiles make good pets might not have thought about tortoises. But the amazing fact is just like many other reptiles, tortoises can make a great addition to your home. They are easy to care for as long as you understand their survival requirements. Above all, tortoises are friendly and can show affection toward owners. Besides this, here are some unique reasons why you should consider having a pet tortoise: 

1. Behavior and Temperament

Reptile enthusiasts love keeping tortoises at home due to their docile and calm personality. They are outgoing and active animals; thus, you can develop a friendly bond with just a little effort. If handled properly, they can recognize their owner and show affection towards them. They can be quiet, introverted and like to spend time alone as well. This means you can invest as much or as little time with them as you want to form a loving bond. 

2. Low Maintenance 

Due to their slow pace, some pet tortoises do not require much space to wander around. Some species can live in a medium-sized enclosure of 40 to 50 gallons. However, add some digging spaces in their habitat, as these cute reptiles love to dig deep in the soil. Moreover, their feeding requirement are simple. You can give them fresh veggies such as lettuce, hay, flowers, and some fruits. 

3. Longer Lifespan

A tortoise might be an excellent pet if you’re willing to make a lifetime commitment. Average life spans vary for these fascinating creatures. Some can live more than 50 years, and can even go up to 100 years with proper care. This longer life expectancy ensures you can get a lifelong companion if that is what you are looking for. 

3. Pet Lizards

Now that we have covered some snakes and shelled reptiles that make good pets. It’s time to discuss lizards. Being fascinating little reptiles, lizards are fun to keep, especially for novice pet owners. Their gentle nature and captivating personality attract people of all ages. What’s great? They don’t require much attention and can easily fit in a small reptile terrarium. However, you may get overwhelmed when choosing your first pet lizard, as there are plenty of species available. For your convenience, here are some beginner-friendly lizards that you can bring into your living area: 

1. Bearded Dragons 

Bearded dragons are thought to be the most popular pet lizards in the world. This reason lies in their non-aggressive nature and colorful appearance. They are super friendly and normally don’t bite when owners are handling or touching them. Above all, dragons are very responsive to their owners and can be tamed easily. You can make an amiable and entertaining relationship with these gentle creatures. 

Moreover, there is nothing to worry about regarding habitat needs as they can fit in a small-sized vivarium. It is usually recommended to be four times their body size. On average, the baby bearded dragon grows to 14 to 16 inches. You can get them in multiple morphs, such as the citrus bearded dragon and red bearded dragon. Whatever the color pattern, these little companions can be a solid choice for you.

2. Leopard Geckos  

Native to Asian countries, leopard geckos are famously domesticated lizards due to their unique appearance. Unlike other pet reptiles, they like to live in solitary, so you should provide a safe habitat for their survival. There are no hard and fast maintenance requirements as they love to remain in their enclosure throughout the day. Their diet will primarily consist of insects. Thus, you can easily provide the correct nourishment for your adorable friend.

Regarding size, leopard geckos grow to 6 to 8 inches, with males broader and longer than females. They are easy to handle and mostly active during dawn and dusk. You can keep them within a temperature range of 79–84 °F. Fortunately, you can get these pet reptiles in different colorations and body markings, such as patternless leopard geckos and albino geckos. Irrespective of the morph, you can spend years with these cute little lizards, as they have a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years. 

3. Skinks 

Last but not least, skinks are an ideal pet lizard for many enthusiasts. Known for their friendly and gentle nature, people love keeping them as family members. They are not fast movers and come in different color variations, including the popular Northern blue tongue skink. It is native to Australia and has a bright blue tongue with body colors ranging from gray to brown. 

Mostly, skinks feed on fruits and vegetables but can also eat crickets and small rodents. They are docile creatures that enjoy living in a small terrarium. As they don’t climb and love to hide in burrows, it is necessary to provide one or more hideouts in their habitat. They are not demanding and easy to handle making them a great option. 

Final Verdict: What Reptiles Make Good Pets?

Now, that you have the answer to what reptiles make good pets. A quick tip is to carefully check for the feeding requirements, habitat, and lifespan before buying any pet reptile. Each of them is unique in its appearance and can make a loving and long-lasting bond with you. However, caring for them properly will enable you to spend more time with your new companion. Developing a stronger and friendly bond will take some time, but once your reptilian friend gets accustomed to your presence, there can be nothing more rewarding.

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