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Why Do Ball Pythons Shed?

why do ball pythons shed

If you’ve never owned a snake before, it’s good to know that these reptiles do shed their skin throughout their lifetime. In the pet trade, ball pythons for sale are popular snake choices and knowing that they shed before purchasing them will save you from freaking out when you find old skin in their enclosure. So, why do ball pythons shed their skin? Ball Pythons will shed their skin in relation to how fast they are growing.

Younger ball pythons will shed more than an adult snake because they grow at a faster rate. Thus, expect young ball pythons to shed about every three weeks to a month before the frequencies start to decrease. Additionally, the shedding rate will continue to slow down as your python gets older and bigger. As adults, expect them to shed about every two months or longer.

Snake shedding is unique because its skin comes off in one piece. If you’ve ever seen snake skin, you’ll notice how it looks as if the snake slithered right out of its skin in one piece! This whole process is called ecdysis, but it’s more commonly referred to as molting.

Do Ball Pythons Morphs Shed At Different Rates

Some owners of pet ball pythons wonder if the snakes morph or genetics will factor into their shedding rate. The answer is no, and the factors are the snake’s growth rate, age and species. Younger snakes will shed more as they grow, while older snakes will continue to shed their skin anywhere from two to four times per year. But despite all the different ball python morphs for sale available today, the reptile’s color and pattern doesn’t affect its shedding rate.

Finding Different Ball Python Morphs For Sale

If you’re wondering how to find the perfect ball python morphs for sale, you’ll be excited to learn that you can do all your research online. You don’t have to worry about going to several pet stores to find the perfect morph when all you have to do is a quick Google search online! You’ll be able to see the various ball python morphs for sale and then purchase the one that catches your eye!  Just make sure you are buying from a reputable online reptile store. Look for verified reviews on the site, across social media and Google.

Other Reptile Pets Shed, Too

Snakes aren’t the only reptiles that shed. All animals actually shed their skin one time or another, including humans. Usually, the majority of reptile pets are more leisurely about their shedding, with their old skin coming off in patches. However, snakes are one of the few reptile pets that actually climb out of their old skin, leaving it behind in one whole piece.

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