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Jamall Davis
caldendar iconJune 05, 2020

I love my new pet. I named him smoke, every time I let him out it takes me a hour to catch him but I love it!... Read more

Ronald Perdue
caldendar iconJune 05, 2020

Beautiful baby tegu arrived exactly when promised. Ate right out of the box! He is so funny, as soon as the lights go out he runs to his hide and doesn’t come out until they come back on. Thank you so much xyz Reptiles.... Read more

alex molchan
caldendar iconJune 04, 2020

My baby ball python arrived on time and in good health. He is absolutely beautiful and curious. His first feeding day is tomorrow which I am very excited about. XYZReptiles is an impressive site and I will definitely be coming back in the future for ... Read more

Cayla Peaslee
caldendar iconJune 04, 2020

Got my little guy a couple of days ago and he is absolutely incredible. Color is even more vibrant than the photo. He is curious and healthy. Can’t wait to continue to build my collection with XYZ!... Read more


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