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Halie Wilkes
caldendar iconMarch 23, 2019

Second snake I've ordered from XYZ and She arrived alert, curious and very healthy! She ate her first meal with no issues and I'm very satisfied. XYZReptiles will be my go to for ordering Reptiles in the future! Excellent customer service as well, It... Read more

Matthew Guzdzial
caldendar iconMarch 22, 2019

Amazing lizard and amazing experience ordering from XYZ. I will definitely be ordering from these guys again! The lizard arrived super healthy, active, and eating and drinking right away.... Read more

Kathleen Gaare-Wiese
caldendar iconMarch 21, 2019

My baby blue tongue skink arrived on time, active, and friendly. Beautiful lizard that will make a great addition to my herp collection.... Read more

Donald Rains
caldendar iconMarch 21, 2019

We received our little cinnamon female this past Tuesday and she arrived on time and healthy. She is a beautiful color and I was in awe when we took her out for the first time to see just how pretty her patterns really were. She has adjusted well to ... Read more