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Are Boas Good Pets?

Are Boas For Sale Good Pets?

The main question parents of new snake owners ask us is about the size and power of a pet snake. When it comes to boas as pets, the question tends to be “are boas good pets?”. We answer this and all questions about reptiles in general with a good amount of perspective.

With reptiles, as with all animals kept in close proximity to children it is importanit to know about the animal. The more you know about the animal you are introducing to your household the better you are at preventing accidents. Let’s look at the realities of owning a pet boa constrictor.

Questions Regarding These Pets

Another question people ask us is whether or not it is legal to own a pet boa constrictor. The answer to this question can be found after a small amount of research online. Focusing on the Fish And Wildlife laws in your state regarding exotic pets you can make sure you are compliant. Boa constrictors are not considered giant snakes. Most places do not require a special permit or license to own and keep this beautiful pet snake.

They can be purchased legally online and shipped to a carrier hub or directly to your work or home. You should also consider the needs of the boa constrictor species you choose as a pet. This will ensure you have a healthy and happy pet snake so make sure to do some research around that.

Boa Constrictor Varities

Once you are ready to buy make a purchase it is time to decide on the right snake for you. This can be as simple as going for the most common ones sold. You could also search through the dozens of locality and species from around the world.

These snakes come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. They range from the minuscule sand boas to the large and powerful adult red tail boa constrictors. Almost all of these species are available for sale online as captive bred and born babies in the United States.

What Are Boa Morphs

There are dozens of boa species found around the world. There are also dozens of boa morphs found within some of these species. Boa morphs are genetically reproducible color and pattern mutations. They look different than what the animals look like in the wild.

Colombian redtail boa and the Kenyan sand boa can each be found in a number of morphs. Thee can range from albino to axanthic and a number of patterns ranging from striped to paradox. Most people start with the wild type or basic look of the animal. Thet then decide to add more animals with exotic coloration to their groups.

Where To Find Pet Reptiles

There are a few different places to find boas for sale these days. You can shop at a reptile store, reptile show or search for a reputable online reptile store. At XYZReptiles we are celebrating the start of our fifth year as one of America’s top online reptile stores. We have taken many steps to ensure the ultimate online shopping experience for our customers. This includes redesigning our online store and bringing many new reptiles to our loyal customers. If you are shopping for a boa constrictor or other reptile pet XYZReptiles is great option.

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