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What Are Some Of The Best Large Lizards For Sale?

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If you’re ready for a nontraditional pet, then you might find pet lizards as an attractive option. With a wide range of types, sizes and colors, choosing lizards for sale as preferred pets can be very rewarding. They’re fairly easy to keep and are fun interactive pets when a dog or cat is just too common. If you prefer something a bit larger than your average lizard, there are plenty of large lizards for sale to choose from when buying from online sellers. These are called monitor lizards, and are large lizards in the genus Varanus. There are more than 78 different species of monitor lizards, mainly found in Asia, Africa and Australia. Only a handful of these large reptiles are found in the pet trade as captive born or farmed specimens.

Some of the best large lizards for sale to consider as pets include the Asian Water monitor which can reach six to nine feet in length and the Savannah monitor, which is a favorite among many. The Savanna monitor is a stocky lizard from Africa. It spends a lot of time on the ground and can reach up to four feet in length. It’s usually dull yellow or grey in color and is one of the more common monitors in the reptile pet trade since they can be quite tame.

Another pet lizard worth mentioning that can get large is the iguana. While iguanas are not monitor lizards, they can reach lengths of four to five feet. You can find iguanas for sale in various colors known as morphs. A few common morphs are the blue iguana and red iguana also know as axanthic and hypo.

Exotic Lizards As Pets

Don’t think that exotic lizards like monitors are challenging pets to have. You’ll have to know how to properly care for them, but once you do, you’ll find that exotic lizards are easy to keep. Monitor lizards in particular will need a bit of extra work than regular exotic lizards due to their size. You have to provide them with a large habitat, the correct foods and daily attention. Regular handling and patience goes a long way when choosing these large lizards for sale as pets.

Buy Lizards Online From Reputable Sellers

When you’re ready to purchase your monitor lizard, it’s better to buy from an online pet store that has experience in keeping and handling these reptiles. At xyzReptiles we offer a variety of lizards for sale, including several monitor lizard options. If you’re looking for a Savannah monitor for sale in particular, we’ve got many in stock! These large lizards make great pets for keepers of all ages.

We Offer Other Reptile Pets, Too!

Besides a vast variety of lizards, we also offer other reptile pets. We carry a huge selection of various snakes, tortoises and lizards, offering you several reptile pets to choose from. In addition to an abundance of reptiles, we also offer arachnids, feeder insects and reptile supplies for sale. xyzReptiles should be your top choice for reptile pet!

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