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Buying reptiles online the right way

Reptile Shipping

I managed to stay away from selling reptiles online for almost 20 years because I didn’t think I had the right plan or the right website to make sure both the animals and the buyers had the best experience possible. This all changed earlier in the year when I teamed up with a great marketing and web design friend. With lots of hours at the drawing board and many team meetings with the web developers I feel that we can now offer our customers the best opportunity for buying reptiles online the right way.

Do reptile gifts make good holiday presents?

With the growing popularity of reptiles across the nation it is inevitable that many kids will have reptiles on their holiday wish lists. The first questions that parents have for me is whether or not reptile gifts are appropriate for the holidays. This isn’t really a morality issue but rather a question about how you make sure that your gift gets there safely and in a timely manner. The reality is that as holiday online shopping peaks in the days leading up to Christmas it becomes more and more important to have a plan in place to get your animals in and have them set up before the big day.

How do you go about shipping reptiles in winter?

With the availability of better packing materials and heating packs at our disposal it is not hard to make sure that a package arrives safe and sound at your door. When shipping reptiles in winter at xyzReptiles we first start with a solid foam molded or thick paneled shipping box to make sure that the animals are properly insulated. Then we provide plenty of absorbent materials inside the bag and around the bag in the box to ensure the animal isn’t wet or uncomfortable during shipping. We also use pre tested 40 hour heat packs to keep the animal warm long enough should there be a misstep in shipping and the delivery is delayed. Finally we use the quality shipping services of Ship Your Reptiles to ensure that no reptile gifts are left behind this holiday season. Together with our experience and the impeccable service of the good folks at SYR we will make sure that the right gift for the holiday season arrives safely and on time.

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