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The dynamic Mojave Ball Python, where would we be without it?

mojave ball python

There are hundreds of ball python morphs in existence today but only a few are as versatile and as necessary in making beautiful combos as the Mojave ball python. We need to look at the origin and the path this morph has taken to fully appreciate it.

The first time I saw a Mojave ball python for sale

Most of the Ball Python morphs have been directly imported from Africa or discovered as little known wild type variants once they arrived in masse here in the United States. One of the very few morphs discovered and bred first on the West coast is the Mojave. It is not one of the more distinct looking snakes due to its subdued colors that lean towards the darker half of the palette. Nevertheless I was immediately smitten and had to get my hands on one the very first time I saw a Mojave Ball Python for sale at the Daytona Beach Reptile show. The only thing that stopped me at the time was the staggering twenty five thousand dollar price tag. This was when the only thing we knew about the gene was the fact that it could replicate itself in one generation and still it was the one snake to get that season.

The ever expanding Mojave complex and its great looking combos

As more and more breeders got their hands on the Mojave gene and started experimenting with it we started to realize that there was much more there than met the eye. Aside from producing the Super Mojave and other Blue Eyed Lucy combos the Mojave Complex has created a huge number of effective and sought after named Ball Pythons. There is the pure white snake that is made when you cross it with a Mocha. There is the beautifully swirled purple and smoky grey snake that is made when you cross it with a Mystic or Phantom. If you prefer darker looking snakes you can cross it to the Mahogany gene and the list goes on. Jigsaw, Mojave Bee, Mojave Sucker and many more would not exist if it wasn’t for this rather mundane looking snake.

Getting your first Mojave ball python combo

These days the Mojave Ball Python like many other base gene morphs that have been around for many years has come down in price. The single gene Mojave will sell for far less than it is worth as a pet and what it can do in a collection. The best bet is to get your hands on a Super Mojave or a Mojave Combo and at xyzReptiles you can find these animals listed under our Leucistics and combos category. Once there you will not only find all of our Mojave related snakes but also all of the other genes that go into making Potions, Lucys and more. We work closely with some of the biggest breeders in the industry to make sure that we can always supply the right snake for you.

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