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Crested Gecko Care, What You Need To Know

Crested gecko care is just like any other part of reptile care and keeping where there is a right way to do it and then there are other ways. Geckos are a small reptile pet that rarely reach lengths over ten inches long and perhaps because of that they are a very large part of the reptile world. Two of the most widely reproduced species in the reptile trade happen to be leopard geckos and crested geckos. With a little research and a bit of imagination new reptile keepers can not only provide proper crested gecko care but can also set up some very elaborate and beautiful gecko enclosures that will provide endless hours of entertainment and education for years to come.

Crested Gecko Care Starts With The Crested Gecko Setup

When it comes to mass production of reptiles and specifically geckos, the fact that drives the innovation of housing and raising these small reptiles is space. Since housing multiple geckos is not a pet keepers concern most of the time, greater attention can be given to the details while concentrating on the beauty and show worthiness of your display. Crested geckos are a semi-arboreal species and tall cages with sufficient climbing room and multiple hide spots are a must. Multiple branches or vines with leaf cover will provide your gecko with an ideal environment. Although heating and lighting are not as pressing a concern as with other reptile pets, an ambient temperature between 72-80 degrees will suffice and natural ambient lighting will also work. What is of major concern when keeping crested geckos is maintaining the proper humidity levels. Most keepers recommend multiple misting of 2-3 times per day if possible.

Crested Gecko Breeding

Crested geckos are bred in huge numbers in captivity. This has kept their species flourishing especially when you consider the fact that they are only found in a small location in a remote part of the world and were thought to be extinct in the wild until the early nineties. Most large breeders of geckos keep them in plastic containers where animals are housed individually and introduced to each other for a few days and then separated again. In small collections it is possible to house a pair of adult crested geckos in a well planted and lit terrarium and there have been multiple cases of animals reproducing, laying eggs and successfully hatching without any keeper intervention. Crested geckos bury their eggs in loose moist soil so an egg box should be provided for females that are expecting to lay.

Crested Gecko Morphs

Like any other reptile species kept in large numbers after a certain amount of time specific traits associated with pattern and color are grouped together and after a couple of generations of breeding, morphs will begin to emerge. Crested geckos are no exception and as of late there has been a large emergence of crested gecko morphs being recognized by the breeders and the public alike. Crested gecko morphs include colors ranging from tan and yellow to deep red and brown. There are even axanthic crested geckos that are grey and white. Pattern mutations include patternless, harlequin, pinstriped, tri-striped, tiger, dalmation and brindle. At xyzReptiles we have started to work with some trusted local breeders to bring you a small but growing selection of healthy and competitively priced crested geckos.

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