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The Day Gecko is More Than Just the Geico Gecko

There are over 40 species of the day gecko in the Phelsuma genus but thanks to the popular Geico commercial, most people in and out of the reptile hobby simply refer to them as the Geico Gecko. The Geico Gecko may be the most recognized mascot on television today. Day geckos got their name from their diurnal habits because unlike most geckos that are active at night catching insects, these brightly colored creatures tend to be active during the day when they feast on nectar and pollen as well as ripe fruit in addition to insects. They have an endearing habit of licking their eyeballs due to a lack of an eyelid. This action keeps their eyes clean and moistens them.

The Giant Day Gecko

Their ever increasing notoriety has made them a stable part of the pet reptile industry and their small size and ability to be perfectly comfortable in plain view has made them a sought after terrarium pet. This popularity has also made them easy to find living in the wild in most neighborhoods in South Florida and the Florida Keys. They originally come from the Western Indian Ocean area including Madagascar and the surrounding islands. There are many different species of day geckos in the wild but the pet trade only sees a handful of them. At xyzReptiles we are proud to produce and offer for sale the Giant Day Gecko (Phelsuma m grandis) and the Standing’s Day Gecko (Phelsuma standing). These beautiful small terrarium pets are easy to care for and will readily breed in captivity.

We Buy Reptiles, Geckos and Other Amphibians

We always promote and encourage the captive production of reptiles and amphibians in order to take as much pressure off of the wild population as possible. If you are a breeder or know of a gecko breeder please contact us, as we would love to purchase and offer your babies to our customers. We always strive to carry captive bred reptiles for sale on our site and because of this some items will not always be available so be sure to sign up for our emails and use our back in stock feature to make sure you are notified when out of stock animals become available to ensure that you get the perfect pet that you have been looking for.

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