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Some Great Reptile Pets from Around the World

reptile pets from around the world

As reptile keepers we sometimes tend to forget how unique and unconventional our daily experiences can be. We sometimes forget that the animals we keep and breed are from some of the most remote parts of the world. What we consider a common reptile pet may be almost extinct in the wild or be from an area that is so hard to get to that only a few people on the planet may have seen them in the wild. An example of this is my giant pet Aldabra Tortoise that lives in my back yard. She is thirteen years old and well over one hundred pounds. I happen to have seen her grow up from a tiny hatchling that used to fit in the palm of my hand but to most people visiting she is a wonderful creature that they have only seen on tv or in a zoo.

Rare Reptile Pets Versus Great Reptile Pets

There are people that keep reptiles as pets due to their exotic beginnings and there are others that keep them as living and breathing examples of the weirdest parts of nature. Some of the great pet reptiles that are very common happen to be Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons and Pet Tortoises from continents like Africa, South America and Australia. Other reptile pets that are harder to find but still as exotic and unique include snakes like the Boelen’s Pythons from the mountains of New Guinea and the giant arboreal Crocodile Monitor which also happens to be found in the forests of New Guinea. There are reptiles kept as pets today that were originally collected from every country where reptiles exist.

How to Find Exotic Reptiles for Sale Online

For those of us that happen to enjoy nature and want to recreate a small part of it in our home the options are almost limitless when it comes to reptiles. It used to be that a tropical fish aquarium was the only option but today there is a huge variety of reptiles for sale online and a great many different options for habitats and terrariums. The real joy comes from setting up a realistic looking habitat ranging from a desert environment to a tropical forest look or a semi aquatic bog terrain and then putting the perfect reptile in the mix. At xyzReptiles we have a huge selection of reptiles for sale and we also have the essential pieces needed to set up a perfect habitat for them including heating, lighting and bedding. To see some of these beautiful and unique reptiles for sale watch this video on our YouTube Channel.

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