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Has the time of the Brazilian Rainbow Boa finally arrived?

baby brazilian rainbow boa

There are many snakes to choose from when a newcomer to the hobby decides it’s time for a pet snake. In Ball Python mutations alone there are thousands of combinations and by the time you add in the Boas, Carpet Pythons, Colubrids and the many different flavors in each of those species the potential number of animals to choose from is almost endless. One species of snakes, the Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria), has been almost left out of this morph frenzy until very recently. The question I put to you is “Has the time of the Brazilian Rainbow Boa finally arrived?”

Brazilian Rainbow Boa for sale

Once upon a time there were snakes and more snakes and then there were Brazilian Rainbow Boas. This is going back to the days when if you wanted a captive born baby rainbow boa you had to first find an imported adult gravid Brazilian Rainbow Boa for sale. This usually cost between 150 and 200 dollars. Then you had to set her up just right and after months of misting and heating and waiting you would wake up and find either a bunch of goo or you would find a cage full of beautiful little baby boas. I can personally attest to the fact that I went through this process two years in a row before I got lucky with a litter of iridescent little gems.

Brazilian Rainbow Boas

Around this time the people in the know we’re all looking for Lamar strain Brazilian Rainbow Boas. This was not a mutation or a color morph but rather the offspring of a few animals collected in the wild by Bill Lamar. Years later the first adult Albino Brazilian Rainbow came into the country. When we opened the box and saw this snake we were all disheartened by the fact that he looked very close to the end. Fortunately the breeder who took a chance on him was able to not only save him but to get him to copulate and produce offspring.

Today there are a growing number of Brazilian Rainbow Boa color and pattern morphs for sale in the United States. There are hypos, albinos, anerys, stripes, calicos and Leucistic Rainbow Boas. At xyzReptiles we are happy to offer the classic Rainbow Boa and will be bringing you some of these morphs in the very near future. If you happen to read this and know of a litter of babies available for sale don’t hesitate to contact us. We highly recommend this wonderful snake as a pet and a breeding project for most dedicated herpers out there.

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