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Have you been looking for pet boas for sale?

With an ever expanding market of captive bred and born animals for sale online and in the reptile show circuit it can get confusing sometimes when you are searching for the perfect pet snake. Many potential snake keepers are turning to one of the original pet snakes in the reptile industry, the boa species. Boas come in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, morphs and species ranging from the miniscule sand boas to the impressively gigantic anacondas and everything in-between. If you have been looking for boas for sale you may be interested in reading this article.

The red tail boa (Boa constrictor sp) and its many color phases

Aside from having many distinct localities, the Red Tail Boa also has a variety of pattern and color mutations. Red Tail Boas mainly originate from Colombia, Brazil, and Bolivia but the number of mutations available have taken morphs from Central America and mixed them into the wonderful color palette that you see today. There are a large number of morphs including hypo, anerythristic, albino, leucistic, striped, motley, Aztec, leopard and jungle just to name a few. This increasing group of mutations and combinations to choose from creates a dazzling number of very attractive pet boas.

The rainbow boa (Epicrates sp) and its beautiful hues

A smaller and more slender alternative to the true red tail boas is any of the beautiful rainbow boas available on the market today. The Rainbow Boa can be found in countries like Brazil, Suriname, Colombia and Guyana and rarely exceeds five feet in length as an adult. There are also a large variety of color and pattern morphs available like the hypo, calico, anerythristic, albino, leucistic and striped morphs. Rainbow boas get their name from the beautiful rainbow gloss in their scales when viewed under natural or UVB lighting.

The sand boa (Erycinae sp) and its subterranean lifestyle

The sand boas together with the rosy boas and rubber boas are a subfamily of the boa found across Africa, Asia, parts of Europe and North America. Although they are all small constrictors that rarely exceed 30 inches in length as adults, these amazing animals have learned to adapt to life in some of the harshest desert conditions on earth. They live their life underground or in small crevices in rock outcrops and have managed to thrive in areas where few other animals do. Aside from the large number of locality and regional country color variations they are also found in an increasing number of morph mutations in captive collections. Some of the color variations include albino, anerythristic, leucistic, striped, snow and splash.


Whether you are ready for a large constrictor as a new pet or you are leaning more towards the smaller rainbows or even the tiny sand boas we are here to help you find the right snake. At xyzReptiles we have a dedicated boas for sale section and we are always available to answer questions regarding housing, genetics, maintenance, breeding and more. Remember to research your pet and its needs before you make a purchase to have the best possible reptile keeping experience.



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