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How Big Do Different Species Of Pet Boas For Sale Get?

How Big Do Different Species Of Pet Boas For Sale Get?

So how big do different species of pet boas for sale get? The answer depends on a number of factors. Just like people, snakes grow to varying sizes with some being much longer than others. The age of a snake, the sex of a snake, the species of the snake and the amount of food it is offered all have a hand in determining its adult size. This adult size can be from a few inches to over twenty feet in length. This variation in size is sometimes a major factor in deciding which pet boa to buy.

Adult Size Of Red Tail Boas

The adult size of red tail boas is based on the locality and the sex of the snake. The true red tail boas from Suriname and Guyana get bigger than the Colombian Boa. Also adult female boas are usually much longer than their male counterparts. This is due to the fact that a female boa needs to be able to bring a large number of baby boas to full term inside her body. The males will only need to be large enough to produce sperm and hold on to the females. Female red tail boas can get up to fourteen feet long while males tend to stay under six feet in length.

Adult Size Of Dwarf Boas

The adult size of dwarf boas is much smaller than their red tail cousins. Sex still determines potential for growth but neither sex will get as large as a true red tail boa. Male dwarf boas can get up to four feet long while reaching sexual maturity at twenty four to thirty inches in length. Female dwarf boas can get up to five feet long and sometimes longer but the smaller snakes will have much smaller litter sizes.

Adult Size Of Sand Boas

Th adult size of sand boas can be surprising to some owners. The male sand boas rarely reach over twenty inches in length. The females can be twice as big and while rare, most adult female sand boas are much thicker and heavier than males. This species lives most of its life hidden underground. It can bury itself in sand with only the tip of its nose and eyes poking through. Sand boas for sale make a very interesting and unique reptile pet. At xyzReptiles we carry a large selection of boas for sale including true red tails, dwarf boas and sand boa color morphs.

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