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How Does Shipping Reptile Pets Work In The Winter Months?

How Does Shipping Reptile Pets Work In The Winter Months?

Lots of customers ask us how does shipping reptile pets work in the winter months? This is a very important question as the weather starts to get down below freezing across the country. There are a few different options that can be utilized to assure the safe arrival of your reptile pets. These options range from winter packaging and heat packs to hub pickups. Lets look at each option and understand how they function to keep your reptile pets safe and cozy in the frigid winter months.

Winter Packaging For Reptile Pets

Winter packaging for reptile pets has gotten more scientific and precise in the last few years. One of the first steps in properly packaging reptiles for sale is using the correct equipment. The best materials to use are heavy corrugated cardboard boxes with a thick foam insert. The outer shell needs to have all of the pertinent information listed in a legible and bright colored lettering. This includes the words Live Harmless Reptiles and the temperature requirements for such animals. Finally the use of air holes is not recommended since the animals can get plenty of oxygen in the box already.

Picking Your Animal Up At A Fedex Hub

The safest way to receive your reptile pets during the winter months is by picking them up at a Fedex hub. There are hubs in many parts of almost every town and city in the United States. Not all hubs will allow pickup of reptiles but the ones that do have temperature controlled rooms for the safe keeping of your reptiles. This is why we recommend using a hub instead of having your animals on a truck in frigid morning temps.

Using Heat Packs And Cryo Packs For Winter Shipping

The last measure in keeping your reptile pets safe during shipping in the winter is using heat packs and cryo packs for winter shipping. Heat packs should not be confused with hand warmers since they are not the same thing. Heat packs are available in 30, 40 and 60 hour units. The best ones for overnight shipping are the 40 hour packs wrapped in paper to reduce temperature flares. Cryo packs are gel packs that can absorb extreme temperatures to maintain a safe environment in the box. By correctly using a combination of all of these items winter shipping has never been safer. At xyzReptiles we use all of the methods listed as well as keeping an eye on all local, interim and destination temps to ensure a safe and guaranteed live arrival for your reptile pets.

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