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How good are leopard geckos as pets?

leopard geckos as pets

Parents are always asking us what would make a good starter pet for a young child and almost always the answer is a leopard gecko. Although we always stress parental supervision when handling reptiles especially when children are concerned, the most docile and easy to keep reptile pet is a leopard gecko. Whether the concern is about the overall size of the animal or the size of the enclosure or whether the concern is about an easy to maintain diet, leopard geckos as pets are always the right answer.

Leopard gecko morphs that catch the eye

Leopard geckos in the wild are sand-colored animals that rarely exceed 8 inches in total length. They have a smattering of brown and black spots that help them blend into the background and also give them their descriptive leopard pattern. In the last twenty years the number of leopard gecko morphs have simply skyrocketed with new combos and patterns popping up on a regular basis. From the first hypo and albino mutations it was clear that this reptile pet was here to stay.

Proper leopard gecko housing has never been easier

Due to their harsh natural environment of desert life in Afghanistan and Pakistan it is very hard for a beginner to not provide a leopard gecko with the right living enclosure. Proper leopard gecko housing starts with dry and clean bedding that can be sand or newspaper, a hiding spot that can be a variety of different things, access to clean water and a diet of crickets or mealworms. Heating needs can be met with a small under tank heater and a regular availability of powdered calcium will ensure a happy and healthy pet leopard gecko. Multiple animals can be raised and housed together but it is always important to note that adult males can fight to the death or terrible injury when kept together in small quarters.

Finding healthy leopard geckos

There are a large number of breeders in the United States and across the world that produce hundreds of thousands of leopard geckos as pets every year. There is something to be said about the smaller breeders that produce 200-1000 leopard geckos and that is the attention that can be given to the breeders and the offspring. At xyzReptiles we are extremely happy to be working with two such breeders and hope that you will enjoy the fruits of their labor as we offer you a growing number of properly temperature sexed baby leopard geckos and genetically distinct lines of albinos, snows, raptors, reverse stripes and blizzard leopard geckos.











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