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Finding the perfect pet at the reptile expo

After an almost entire year of offering quality reptiles for sale online it has become completely evident that sourcing the perfect animal is the first step in running an online retail business. We have spent a good part of the year dividing our time and efforts in developing both an easy to navigate webstore and an extensive group of family run breeding businesses that will supply us with quality animals for sale. The next chapter is the reptile expo and we are hoping to see you all there.

The Daytona Reptile Show 2016

The Daytona reptile show is better known by most as the reptile expo and this year like so many before it is the meeting place and focal point for the herp community. We have been looking forward to attending our second reptile show in Daytona Beach as xyzReptiles in August. We have been eager to meet new and old friends and to buy herps and related products to bring to our loyal customers throughout the year. If you plan on attending the show and have a group of animals to sell don’t hesitate to call us before the show or stop by our booth and say hello that weekend.

This year’s national reptile breeders’ expo will be held on the 19th to the 21st of August at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach. Like in the years past we will be attending the meetings and social events that are tied in with the expo. This year’s event will be Turtle Talks which is held at the Daytona Hilton Hotel on Friday night. Although the show is still seven weeks away the time will fly by and it will all be over before you know it so if you plan on attending or have been on the fence about going it is time to finalize those plans.

Bringing You Quality Reptiles for Sale

At xyzReptiles we now have an entire year of development and experience under our belts in the online market place. We are proud of our customer service, our attention to detail and the fact that we have delivered hundreds of animals all across the United States. The animals needs always come first that’s why we offer daily support for beginner enthusiasts that may need a bit of help in getting their animals the perfect setup and the right diet. In addition to offering reptiles for sale we have started to carry habitat kits that include everything you will need except for the terrarium and are working to bring you live feeder insects as well as frozen rodents in the very near future.


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