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How To Properly Handle Pet Ball Pythons


Before you buy a pet ball python, you’ll have to ask yourself if you will be able to confidently handle it. If you’ve never owned snakes before (or even been around them), know that they can sometimes be an intimidating reptile at first. Handling pet ball pythons takes a certain level of confidence on your part or else the reptiles will react to your nervousness. Although these pets are docile in nature and fairly easy to handle, they can still be a bit active at times, causing novice snake owners to question their confidence levels.

Tips On How To Properly Handle Pet Ball Pythons

When you first bring your snake home, you won’t want to handle it right away. Let it adjust to its new home and environment for one or two days. These snakes in the wild are secretive reptiles and spend most of their time hiding, which is why hiding places are important additions to their enclosures. Your new friend might also be stressed after all the commotion during transport, so let it settle down first.

Then when you finally do handle your ball python for the first time, you’ll want to pick it up by the middle part of its body. Never pick it up by its head. Always stay clear from its head since it’ll most likely flinch backwards and roll itself into a ball (hence its name “ball” python). Support the middle of the snake’s body well, holding it with both hands. Allow its head to move as it wishes, making sure to give it plenty of support as the snake moves freely. Don’t startle your snake as you try to pick it up, either. If your ball python sees you coming, it’ll be easier to pick up. But the most important thing about handling your pet is not to handle them too often. Aim for only three to four times a week.

Plenty Of Ball Python Morphs To Choose From

Now that you know how to properly handle a ball python, it’s time to find your perfect snake! There are plenty of ball python for sale to choose from. There are natural-colored brown ball pythons to bright albino ones and everything in between. The hard part will be choosing just one from the many variations availa

Snakes Make Great Reptile Pets

Snakes, in general, make great reptile pets! They require minimal care compared to dogs or cats and stay in their enclosures for the entire day. These reptile pets only need to be fed once a week and are docile in temperament. Plus, you don’t have to give them constant attention. Just make sure that you purchase your reptile pets from a reputable dealer to ensure that they’re healthy.

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