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The Anaconda Hognose Snake For Sale And Other Morphs


There are a large number of colubrid snake species and colubrid snake morphs for sale at any given time. One of the more interesting species of colubrids is the Western hognose snake. These small and interactive snakes are bred in captivity and can be found in an increasing array of colors and patterns. One of the pattern mutations is the anaconda hognose phase and you can find the anaconda hognose snake for sale online from reputable sellers. We will look at this beautiful snake morph and try to find out what makes this little snake one of the more coveted species of reptiles for sale.

The Western hognose snake is a small colubrid snake that can be found in the wild in most of North America from Canada all the way to Mexico. They are found in many different areas and many different elevations and can handle some of the drier and harsher areas of the US. In the past most of the Western Hognose Snakes for sale were animals that had been collected in the wild. Since they live on a varied diet including toads, keeping hognose snakes in captivity used to present some feeding issues that were of some concern to keepers. In the last few years with the advances in herpetoculture and hognose care that includes better lighting, heating and breeding techniques, captive bred and born hognose snakes have become much more common.

The Anaconda Hognose Snake And Other Western Hognose Mutations

Western hognose snakes can be found in captivity in an increasing number of patterns and colors. Some of the basic color variations include animals with increased red, green, grey or yellow base colors. Other color mutations include albinos, axanthics, hypos, caramels, snows and leucistics. Some of the pattern mutations include tiger, striped and anaconda which has the superconda phase when bred to each other. Anaconda and superconda phases of the hognose snake make for some of the most eye catching and exciting combinations.

Finding An Anaconda Hognose Snake For Sale

At xyzReptiles we have the anaconda hognose snake for sale as well as an ever growing number of healthy and feeding colubrids. We strive to have a steady supply of these beautiful and colorful species like the corn snake, the king snake and hognose snakes on hand at all times. The reptiles for sale that we offer to the public have been maintained and cared for in the most optimal conditions and are feeding and healthy at the time of purchase.

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