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Is a Sulcata Tortoise the Right Pet for me?

Sulcata Tortoises

Many reptile owners are taking advantage of the new emergence of a multitude of captive bred baby tortoises available on the market currently. There have been more and more species of pet tortoises available to the public and the Sulcata tortoise or African Spurred as it is also known seems to be a favorite. While some people like their bright coloration and scaly limbs others like them for their ability to reach enormous proportions.

Giant African Spurred Tortoises

This animal is truly one of the giant reptiles on the planet at this point in time. As the largest mainland tortoise in the world, the African Spurred Tortoises occurs in the wild in sub-Saharan Africa from regions crossing Sudan to Ethiopia to Chad. They live in very arid areas and will excavate large tunnels where they escape the heat and find higher humidity than the surface can offer. With adult males reaching lengths of 30 plus inches and weighing over 200 pounds, these impressive animals are meant to be kept outside or in green houses and barns for a majority of their life span.

Raising Sulcata Tortoises

Raising  Sulcata Tortoises in captivity is very easy but the trick is to have the proper space required when they reach adulthood. One of the most common problems keepers run into with these gentle giants is the deformities that occur in their shell growth due to an improper diet or improper lighting. A varied diet of greens, grasses and vegetation with a strict calcium supplement dusting is a must to ensure proper nutrition and shell growth. Another important fact is daily UVB exposure. This can be in the form of high intensity UVB lighting when kept indoors and access to a natural light basking area when kept outside. Keepers who maintain these two essential items in their pet’s daily life will benefit from a healthy and perfect looking adult tortoise.

Finding a Pet Tortoise for Sale

Like most other reptiles for sale online, finding the right pet tortoise for sale is the first step. At xyzReptiles we carry a growing number of different tortoise species from the small sized Russian Tortoise and beautiful Leopard Tortoise and Red Footed Tortoise to the giant African Spurred  or Sulcata Tortoise. Keeping in mind that some of these animals get rather large and that most of them live in excess of 40 years should be an important part of making your decision. We have a nice selection of lighting and supplements as well to keep your animal happy and healthy.


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