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Are you T+ or T- when it comes to picking an Albino Ball Python?

albino ball python

There are 17 steps in the production of melanin in Ball Pythons. Melanin is what gives all organisms their color and a break anywhere in this pathway will result in an amelanistic or Albino Ball Python. Since there are so many possible ways to make an Albino ball Python we have ended up with quite a few variations over the years. Some of the amelanistic morphs fall under the tyrosinase negative varieties like the Albino, the Lavender Albino, and the Candy and Toffee Ball Pythons. The animals that fall under the tyrosinase positive group are the Caramel Albinos and Ultramel Ball Pythons.

Albino Ball Python for Sale

The first time I saw an Albino Ball Python was when a local breeder walked into my reptile store with a pillowcase, which contained one of the first few albinos ever sold in the US. When he told me what he paid for it I was shocked but given the fact that he has made thousands of albinos from that single founder male it has definitely been one of the most profitable investments I have ever heard of. Since then albinos have been produced in dozens of varieties and in my opinion they are all beautiful. With the recent addition of Candy Ball Pythons and Toffee Ball Pythons to the mix there has been a renewed effort in making Candino and Tofino hybrids of all existing albino combinations. This variety gives the buyer a number of choices as they search for an Albino Ball Python for sale.

The other notable amel is the Ultramel Ball Python. This T+ albino is the answer breeders were looking for when they hit a roadblock in production with the Caramel Albino Ball Python. Although Ultramels and Caramels are both T+ albinos they are very different when it comes to breeding and kinking problems. At xyzReptiles we have decided to dedicate a section of our site to Albinos and combos. This section will include all the known amelanistic morphs and their combos including Candinos, Tofinos, Ultramels and Lavender Albinos. No matter which albino ball python for sale suits you best let us help you find the perfect pet snake.

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