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Where would the reptile trade be without Boa Constrictors?

Ask most people in the reptile hobby that question and you will be surprised how integral boas have been in the complete herp experience. Going back to the 50’s and 60’s the old-timers will tell you of the days when boas were sold by the foot for 1-3 dollars a foot. Back then common boas and red tail boas were just a matter of opinion and taste and they were all feisty and wild. So many things have changed in the decades since but what hasn’t is the affinity keepers show for their pet boa constrictors and how far they are willing to go to be able to keep them.

Boa Morphs

My first pet snake was a ball python but the second one was a baby Colombian red tail boa purchased from a now extinct reptile shop. I still remember looking in the atlas of snakes by John Coborn and dreaming of the day I could have one of each of the different Boas listed. Back then locality Boas were as fancy as it got since there were barely any Boa Morphs to speak of. Thanks to the hard work of a handful of dedicated boa breeders in the US we can now choose from a growing variety of Boas including the beautiful Princess Diamond, and the all white Leucistic morph to name a few. The lengths that the breeder had to go to in the struggle of bringing that single mutation to the market are astounding.

Boa Constrictors for Sale

There was a big scare recently as Boa Constrictors were being considered as a late add on to the Injurious Species List but thanks to the hard work of the reptile community we managed to make sure that most boas remain on the available list of reptiles for sale . We did lose the ability to freely keep and breed Anacondas but all other boas are available on the market today. At xyzReptiles we have a growing section of boa constrictors for sale and as we work closely with some of our breeder friends we will continue to strengthen and diversify this section of the site to bring you the best in genetics and quality that is available. Keep us in mind if you have a litter or more available for sale and enjoy your pet Boa in the meantime.

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