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Popular Grassland Tortoises

popular grassland tortoises for sale

Some popular grassland tortoises include the African spurred tortoise also known as the sulcata and the leopard tortoise. Grassland tortoises are found in open areas that are adjacent to forests. These areas have partial tree coverage and get plenty of direct sunlight. Tortoises from these regions have a diet that is based on grasses, flowers and seeds. These reptile pets are readily available for purchase from a number or reliable sources.

Finding Grassland Tortoises Online

Finding grassland tortoises for sale online is fast and easy. There are a number of reliable sources that offer exotic pets  and some even specialize in tortoises. Healthy tortoises can be hard to identify due to their slow metabolism and shy personality. When a problem presents itself its usually due to a long period of sub optimal care. The best kept animals will have clean nostrils, bright and clear eyes and good body weight. This is a great way to tell if a tortoise is healthy.

Keeping  Grassland Tortoises As Pets

Keeping tortoises as pets is not too complicated. They need some very basic things including lighting, heating, bedding and proper nutrition.The best lighting for grassland tortoises is a 10% or higher UVB light. Proper heating is based on the terrarium size and is most likely a 75 watt or 100 watt basking light. The best bedding for tortoises is cypress mulch or shredded coconut fiber. Proper tortoises nutrition includes a mixed diet of leafy vegetables mixed with a handful of tortoise chow. Finally a dusting of Calcium powder with Vitamin D3 will make sure your tortoise is kept healthy and strong.

Shipping Tortoises In Winter

Shipping tortoises in winter is safe and simple when done correctly. At xyzReptiles we use a number of reliable packing methods to ensure live arrival. All of our reptiles are individually contained in secure packaging during shipping. They are shipped in white shipping boxes with bright red lettering for easy identification. These boxes are lined with thick winter ready Styrofoam liners. We also use both 40 hour heat packs and Cryopaks to make sure temps are maintained at a safe level during transport. All of this helps us ensure safe transport that is backed by live arrival guarantee.

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