Baby Asian Beauty Rat Snake

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Species: Orthriophis taeniurus  Length: 14-18 inches Diet: Pinkie Mice Live Or Frozen/Thawed Image: Representative Image SKU:A4715Categories:
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Baby Asian beauty rat snakes are also referred to as Beauty snakes. Each baby Asian beauty rat snake for sale is born with a light yellow and olive color that changes as they mature. They will change into a nice mustard yellow and black color as they mature. Our baby Asian beauty rat snakes for sale are captive born beauties that are use to a tall arboreal cage and are hand tame. This particular animal is a hybrid between a Chinese beauty snake and a Taiwanese beauty snake.

1 review

  1. scottgreen33 (verified owner)

    Shipped from Florida to California. Arrived in great shape. Within the first 2 weeks, shed & took F.T. pinkie off tongs first try! Awesome specimen. Very happy with my purchase! Thank you XYZReptiles.

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