Baby Ball Python For Sale

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Species: Python regius  Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410189Categories:
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The baby ball python is one of the most docile and friendly pet snakes on the market today. Every baby ball python for sale we offer is captive born right here at our facility. They are healthy, feeding, tame and make a great pet snake!

You may also be interested in our large selection of baby ball python morphs if you are looking for a baby snake with a specific gene mutation for color or pattern.

205 reviews

  1. nikkimarler777 (verified owner)

    She’s freaking gorgeous. The shipping carrier was extremely rude and unhelpful. The shippers did everything they could to help me get my baby as fast as possible though. I would recommend buying from here rather then any other online reptile stores for sure.

  2. d3bighead (verified owner)

    I received everything I needed in a timely manner and the snakes are healthy.I would recommend.

  3. donaldsoncarolyn52 (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and beautiful snake. I will definitely order again.

  4. mmarindings (verified owner)

    My snake arrived on time and he’s so beautiful! He looks extremely healthy and overall is a very handsome noodle.

  5. kevincoria474 (verified owner)

    I just got my ball python and I think it’s beautiful. I really like my ball python, he is very calm. I just put him in a nice 40 gallon enclosure yesterday. The owner was very helpful with any questions about either one of my snakes that came from XYZReptiles. thank you

  6. clayeddings0013 (verified owner)

    I like my new snake 🐍 and the customer service is great. I do appreciate it 🙏 Dallas Texas.

  7. larryclimer (verified owner)

    Beautiful and very active snake.

  8. nicolepettis20 (verified owner)

    I just got my ball python and I think it’s beautiful. I really like my ball python, he is very calm. I just put him in a nice 40 gallon enclosure yesterday. The owner is very helpful when I have any questions about either one of my snakes that came from XYZReptiles. thank you

  9. tait.raymond26 (verified owner)

    She’s amazing! Very active and cute!

  10. chandlerashley59 (verified owner)

    Great folks, speedy process from order to receiving. I got a beautiful male baby ball python that came in healthy. He is doing great.

  11. Lacey Johnson (verified owner)

    Got my beautiful girl a few weeks ago. She’s gorgeous, very much alive and growing healthy. I highly recommend purchasing from XYZ! I will for sure be buying again from here in the future.

  12. garyandchristina2009 (verified owner)

    Very beautiful. Highly recommend buying from XYZ Reptiles. I will be looking forward to purchasing more. Thank you so much.

  13. garyandchristina2009 (verified owner)

    Very beautiful and alive when received. Thanks. I highly recommend buying. Will be buying again.

  14. copeman17 (verified owner)

    I highly recommend XYZ Reptiles. They are professional and care about their snakes’ safety. My ball python showed up healthy and with plenty of energy. Thank you

  15. lildadon20 (verified owner)

    I just got my boy today, thanks xyzreptiles. He loves his new home.

  16. Heaven Maurer (verified owner)

    Love this company! So easy to communicate with and really value individual needs! I got my baby a few days ago and she is already so loving! Never had an issue, can tell she was really well taken care of back home:)

  17. catlvr381 (verified owner)

    We now have 3 babies from xyz and each and every one has been amazingly healthy. Great eaters and the sweetest little lap buddies! I wish I could have all the snakes but I don’t own a mansion so I will love these 3 (baby ball, banana ball and enchi ball) with all of my heart! Thank you xyz for all that you do!

  18. vaniciabby4376 (verified owner)

    Lil Bit is a sweet heart, very friendly and we are getting to know each other.

  19. yamasacat (verified owner)

    Customer service was so fast! He came happy and healthy 🙂 definitly will order again!

  20. stefybridges1415 (verified owner)

    I just got my female ball python and she is the most amazing snake I’ve ever met.

  21. Malinda Floyd (verified owner)

    Love it! Arrived on time and just as described.

  22. lillykoterba (verified owner)

    Other than an issue with my delivery being late and having to go pick them up directly from a Fed-Ex facility… They came in perfect condition and I love them so much. Thank you !

    • XYZReptiles

      Hello and thank you for your review. Please accpet our apologies on behalf of FedEx. Unfortunately, once we tender packages to the shipping carriers we have no control over them.

  23. dmarcosmojica (verified owner)

    Arrived in perfect condition and on time!

  24. scain105 (verified owner)

    We love our male snake. We really love how friendly he is!

  25. lcarlson703 (verified owner)

    I received my ball python in excellent condition. It is very friendly and is setteling in nicely. I will definitely shop with XYZ again!

  26. Michael Peluso (verified owner)

    My ball python was super easy to order. I received him in 2 days with no hassle and he is beautiful with 0 issues!

  27. scudderbudder3 (verified owner)

    She was in great condition and active as soon as she came. Tracking her was easy and delivery was right on time! Very pleased with everything!

  28. shawnaleigh1911 (verified owner)

    Little man was in great condition and active right out of the box. Tracking him was super easy and I had no issues with delivery. Very pleased and will be using XYZ for all my new babies!

  29. teacherjaydee9976 (verified owner)

    She came in a timely fashion I must say. All and all very great purchase.

  30. darknovaokami (verified owner)

    She is super beautiful and she was super lively right off the bat. She settled in within 24 hrs and already has her favorite spot. She was delivered on time and the package was in perfect shape. I’m very happy with my order.

  31. nachescall (verified owner)

    She came in beautiful condition. Packaging let us know when she was fed last, how much and when she should be fed again. She is well loved in our home. We will be ordering from xyz from now on. Excellent seller!

  32. ochoacharlie (verified owner)

    Snake came in great packaging and condition. Just fed her for first time tonight and she struck within 2 minutes. She is a gorgeous animal! I recommend including a card that states when and what they were last fed. This is important for the new owner to plan husbandry. Great job, will be coming back again!

    • XYZReptiles

      Hello and thanks for your review. We are glad to hear that you are happy with her and overall had a good experience with us. We do included a card in the box outlining feeding schedule, food item and some other information. We have seen this issue a few times before and figured out that when Fish and Wildlife agents inspect packages they remove things and don’t always put them back. Unfortunatley we are at their mercy and there is nothing we can do about this. Please accept our apologies on their behalf.

  33. Benjamin Black (verified owner)

    The male normal ball python, now known as Salvador came in wonderful condition and very alert. As this was my first ball python, I couldn’t be happier!

  34. DAVID GARNER (verified owner)

    Female baby ball arrived safe, sound and as calm as could be. Purchased Monday – Shipped on Tuesday. Very happy.

  35. Marie Davidson (verified owner)

    My male baby ball python came happy and calm. His colors are beautiful. Bought Tuesday afternoon got Wednesday morning and I’m in Ohio. I will be back for another snake soon. Thank you!!!

  36. pinsonadriana1 (verified owner)

    I got two baby ball pythons, both came healthy and calm. They are beautiful.

  37. krgerhardt (verified owner)

    She arrived calm and healthy. Well done XYZ!

  38. norachipleybarteau (verified owner)

    I didn’t expect my python to arrive so early. But when I got to the bottom of the box, he was beautiful and docile! He was a lot healthier and larger than expected. I am very well pleased with this purchase! Will buy from again!

  39. amandastegall88 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my snake. She was beautiful and healthy when I received her. They made sure to wait until the weather was safe to mail her. 5 stars all the way around on my pet 🐍!!!!!

  40. berrysumara (verified owner)

    My snake is wonderful! Very healthy and calm. She is perfect and I will order again.

  41. Brandon Werner (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Healthy snake, no complaints. She is very friendly. I feed her 1 pinkie every Friday. Thank you guys, I love her.

  42. danielrigdon444 (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast and purchasing was easy. My snake came healthy and in really safe packaging. No complaints here.

  43. jtmarkel (verified owner)

    We got a female ball python that is a few months old. It showed up beautiful and healthy. The package included a warming packet and foam board insulation to ensure it didn’t get too cold in transit. We are happy with the experience and will certainly buy from XYZ again.

  44. libby.stanley2008 (verified owner)

    I have to admit, my family and I were skeptical about the snake shipping in a box. Beautiful, well-taken care of hatchling. I would recommend to anyone looking for a snake, you wouldn’t regret it!

  45. toryvinelover (verified owner)

    Got this baby ball python male and named him Diesel. He is about the best, most calm, and healthiest ball python I’ve gotten from a breeder. I 100% recommend buying reptiles from here and would 100% buy again!

  46. Joseph Gibson (verified owner)

    Great service and beautiful snakes. I recommend them for all snake lovers!

  47. wlhunter (verified owner)

    Good quality ball python. She’s active and eats regularly. No problems here…I would buy again.

  48. Megan Walker (verified owner)

    Love my ball python. She got here the day after I ordered, in very secure packaging with heat packs.
    She wasn’t distressed and has already warmed up to us. Will definitely be coming back for all my reptiles 💚

  49. batdogs2 (verified owner)

    Top notch, amazing customer service. Very quick to reply and answer all questions. My new baby is very tiny but arrived in excellent health. I was worried because of where I live but couldn’t be more pleased. This is an outstanding company. Would leave more than 5 stars if I could. Beautiful new baby.

  50. kyle121583 (verified owner)

    Rex (ball python) came fast and in great health and condition. He is so calm and tame, my 5yr old won’t put him down. I got the tank setup and the water bowl came broken but I let XYZ know and they are shipping me another one out free of charge. My wife wants a snake now and they will be where we get it from if so.

  51. maryeli56201 (verified owner)

    It came in great, well packaged and delivery was fast. My Snake is beautiful. Thanks to you guys!

  52. vblair830 (verified owner)

    It was so fast, and she is so amazing. I named my baby ball Stella.

  53. laceyannisaacs (verified owner)

    OMG where can I start, they are great. My 🐍 came with care and he was fed before they shipped him out. I opened the package, he was a lil cold but after he got warm he was everywhere. I love him and I love xyzreptiles. They are the best, if you ever want a reptile. Thank you guy so much!

  54. cbobbie223 (verified owner)

    Came alive and started exploring right away. Sent info with him about him, which I really like. Good place to get reptiles, definitely using them again.

  55. ornahtanay (verified owner)

    She is everything that I expected her to be! She got here super fast and is actively exploring her enclosure.

  56. Hutch Nicholas (verified owner)

    My baby ball python arrived 2 hours later than expected but other than that she was completely healthy.

  57. shawnakadoobie (verified owner)

    I love my new best friends, thanks so much y’all. I will recommend 4sho.

  58. jawanlajohnson (verified owner)

    My little baby arrived yesterday. He was very calm and extremely active. I’m super happy he arrived healthy and alive. I will definitely be ordering from here again.

  59. Megan Polson (verified owner)

    Arrived safe, sound and on time.

  60. Kenna Wiggin (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy, clean and well adjusted. No problem handling, snake was drinking well and active. We even received a card that says what she eats and when her birthday is. Will undoubtedly purchase from again.

  61. hernandezluis1217 (verified owner)

    She came in perfect condition. I am really in love with this animal and I will be getting another reptile from you guys soon . Thank you, we love her

  62. Jermaine Hood (verified owner)

    My baby ball came so dope! I got her for my mom for Mother’s Day cause my siblings are always gone and she needed a friend. Weird cause she asked for it and that’s usually not her thing but she loves her a lot!

  63. vines158 (verified owner)

    She came in beautiful condition. Shipping was quick and easy. Her overall health and disposition is great. No complaints here, I will definitely shop with XYZ in the future.

  64. kristikemper9.17.13 (verified owner)

    I am so happy to purchase from xyzreptiles! I am a new snake owner so this wasn’t easy. But thankfully they give you a card with their birthdate, when they feed and what they eat. Also a note that you should leave it and let it settle in, which I feel is very important especially for new snake owners.

  65. quenalori (verified owner)

    She is perfect! She is in perfect condition, thank you for allowing me to get her.

  66. Crystal Alamo (verified owner)

    My baby is perfect. She came as expected and although she’s just a normal python, she’s gorgeous. Love her already and can’t wait till they have more in stock. I’ll be getting more at that time. I’ll be recommending this site to everyone breathing.

  67. kristian.gines (verified owner)

    She came in perfect condition.

  68. littlefox0310 (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with the female ball python. She is beautiful and human friendly. Thank you for the quality and swiftness of delivery. And a healthy, happy snake.

  69. jax363582-1741 (verified owner)

    Very happy with my new snake. He arrived fast and safe.

  70. jeff fitzmyers (verified owner)

    Very easy to work with. My daughter’s baby ball python is inquisitive and healthy!

  71. Monica Munoz (verified owner)

    I am extremely happy with our new pet snake. It is perfect, and the snake is the promised size that had expected to receive. As they said. it came in perfect time from just 2 days. We will definitely be ordering more from them as time passes.

  72. Chelsea Baumkirchner (verified owner)

    We got our snake from you and we were a little bit worried because its our first but you all made it so easy. From always answering calls and questions and never making us feel dumb about the questions we asked. We absolutely love Truffle and how sweet and docile she is. She really is an amazing snake. Thank you so much. And thank you for having a very understandable and easy care sheet. We definitely recommend you people.

  73. floop9000 (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, beautiful snakes & most importantly they arrived completely healthy! The packaging was great, & the snakes are super curious which lets me know how healthy they are.

  74. Kiley Luker (verified owner)

    I received an absolutely beautiful and healthy baby ball python! I am very pleased with my order!!!

  75. Dakota Worley (verified owner)

    I got my ball python on time and super healthy. Xyz reptiles took the time to answer all my questions and responded quickly.

  76. coreydav676 (verified owner)

    Got my little man yesterday. He came fast and safe all the way to California. I will definitely refer xyzreptiles to others.

  77. Tatiana Anderson (verified owner)

    My son got Sauron (ball python) today and he is very active and sweet. Sauron enjoys his new 40 gal. enclosure. He is tiny and adorable, and the entire family loves him. The packaging was as described, the heat pack was warm, and he came in a tiny little bag. This is the first snake we have owned. We were a little nervous about buying online, but XYZ was easy to work with and very responsive to questions. We will be buying from them again.

  78. Sharisse Barrow (verified owner)

    Bella was so easy to warm up to once she got use to me holding her. I take her everywhere with me and she loves going on rides. She is the best pet I’ve ever bought.

  79. cynthia howard (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, packaged well, and was as described.

  80. Rachel Baird (verified owner)

    She’s absolutely perfect and oh so sweet! I’m in love. Can’t wait for her to get acclimated so I can hold her and get her use to me. She’s so tiny, I love her size! Just simply adorable!

  81. Ashley Beck (verified owner)

    Received my baby snake fast and safe! My little boy was very excited. Beautiful coloring. Came with information about snake.

  82. Joshua Jackson (verified owner)

    I received my ball python and she is very healthy. Shipped fast and safe.

  83. Joshua Jackson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this snake, arrived very healthy!

  84. Taneisha Harrison (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect! Poor baby arrived a lil behind so she was cold when she got here
    but I unpacked her and got her all warmed up. Now she is perfect. Definitely want to get another one. Best company to do it with XYZ reptiles!!!

  85. shannon.chilson04252020 (verified owner)

    This is my first time purchasing from xyz. I absolutely love my snake, she is perfect. I am already planing another purchase from xyz.

  86. tcollins04.tc83.1983 (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd purchase and we now have 3 snakes from this company. I absolutely would buy another one from them. They deliver and provide you with information about your snake as well as provide the gender, which you don’t get from most pet stores. The snakes arrive in good health and are more docile than those that you get in the pet store for about the same price! Keep up the great work and look forward to another purchase!

  87. Jackson Begley (verified owner)

    Perfect arrival and wonderful snake.

  88. atyaimhi (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd purchase from xyz . Was perfectly packaged and arrive on time . No complaints at all. Will buy from again

  89. Lewis Gilbert (verified owner)

    Received my ball python….so cool and a friendly personality. Was a bit nervous to receive him safe but staff/owner assured he would be fine and he is. First feeding tomorrow…hope all goes well.

  90. Ashanae’ Walker (verified owner)

    My Ball Python Came Right On Time & So Perfectly Packaged . He’s So Sweet . I Can Not Wait For Him To Be Fully Adjusted To His New Home . Thank You So Much Xyz Reptiles . Definitely Will Be Recommending Your Services As Well As Using Them Again.

  91. Kelly Marquez (verified owner)

    My snake came in great condition. Absolutely love him, he is very calm and healthy. Shipping was rough since I live in a cold area. It took awhile but I’m still very happy with my snake.

  92. Mariah MayO (verified owner)

    Shipping went exactly as expected. She looks very healthy and seems to have made the transition to her new home quite well. Very impressive operation all around!

  93. Amanda Califano (verified owner)

    Thanks, arrived timely and as promised.

  94. Nichol Bracewell (verified owner)

    I love my little Baby Ball Python! She is beautiful and extremely docile. My daughter’s have fallen in love with this sweet little girl. She was shipped to me from across the country, and arrived within 24 hours. I will definitely be purchasing again through you guys! Thank you!

  95. Lesley Grandstaff (verified owner)

    The delivery was timely, and they were available to give advice by phone. Very professional and knowledgeable.

  96. joann.c.hall021368 (verified owner)

    She, our baby ball python, came earlier than expected. They sent her to a FedEx hub because of the temp was low in our town. This company is amazing. Will definitely be doing more business with them.

  97. Bobbi Julius (verified owner)

    Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful snake and it was delivered on time.

  98. Courtney Adelman (verified owner)

    My baby ball python arrived quickly and on time. The package was in good condition and she arrived safely!

  99. joshua.munro420 (verified owner)

    Amazing service and very user friendly!!! Little girl arrived alive and feisty!! Couldn’t be happier.

  100. Bradley Boston (verified owner)

    Great service, received product quickly along with great communication from xyz??

  101. Raeannah Walton (verified owner)

    He is very chill.

  102. Nevelyn Williams (verified owner)

    Got my baby yesterday and she is healthy and beautiful! The seller kept me informed during the shipping process. I will be buying from here again.

  103. pypbender (verified owner)

    My snake arrived healthy. I recommend ordering your snakes from here. I haven’t had a problems! They definitely care about their reptiles.

  104. Ang Murphy (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with my snake, He is so calm and sweet ! And healthy. Best service! I would recommend buying your snakes here.

  105. Renee Horne (verified owner)

    Literally the best service… I’ve never gotten next day delivery. She came soooo cute and happy. Will definitely use again!

  106. Bradley Allen (verified owner)

    Beautiful Specimen, {Ball Python} shipped promptly and safely.

  107. Sal Gaetano (verified owner)

    This was an awesome experience, little guy (Ball Python) arrived the next day looking just beautiful. I had a couple of questions and my text were answered immediately and always happy to help.
    I read so many reviews about XYZ and it seemed to be to good to be true, I quickly discovered everything that was said was 100% true and I will always go to XYZ. Thank You!!!

  108. stanleypaul181 (verified owner)

    Very happy with my new family member. The baby ball python arrived quickly and adapted in two days. Already making another purchase.

  109. Therracus Mims (verified owner)

    Simply amazing, much better than I expected. Baby python is active and eating on time. Color is very vibrant and it’s healthy looking. I’ll definitely be making more purchases.

  110. Jimmy Cornish (verified owner)

    Python arrived healthy and happy! She appeared well cared for and had no visible health issues. Packaging was extremely well done.

  111. Albert Colon (verified owner)

    I love my fem ball python! She ate her first thawed mouse today with no problem.


    Not my 1st purchase and won’t be my last! My 2 new ladies (VPI Axanthic & Mojave) arrived today healthy and responsive…. although cold by the time they made it to Washington. XYZReptiles always has beautiful animals! Thanks guys… another happy purchase!

  113. Drake Pierce (verified owner)

    She came happy and healthy!

  114. Ronsha Terry (verified owner)

    She is beautiful, very fast process‼️ I love her thank you❤️??

  115. Shalena Aubrey (verified owner)

    Order arrived on time, packaged very well, alive and healthy. Thought I had ordered other stuff with it, but that was probably my fault at check out. Very happy.

  116. joseph bowman (verified owner)

    Very happy with my order. It came in very fast. I would recommend them to any one that wants a great healthy snake.

  117. bacasara (verified owner)

    We love our new female ball python. Her name is Dezire, she’s just as sweet as she can be. She’s super active and seems to love my kids already. Thank you so much!

  118. Kortnee Baughn (verified owner)

    Got here super fast. I tried 2 other places before I found this one. I will def purchase from here again.

  119. Joel Rusz (verified owner)

    My boy is super sweet. He’s a little head shy but I can work with that. He’s a really good boy and I’m happy with my purchase.

  120. Ivy Miles (verified owner)

    My new female ball python is calm and beautiful. She’s healthy and a decent weight. Definitely coming back for another.

  121. joseph bowman (verified owner)

    Very happy with my order. He’s doing great and ate no problem! I highly recommend everyone to buy from them.

  122. Albert Aguirre (verified owner)

    I ordered it in the afternoon and received my snake early in the morning. I will order from here again, thank you!

  123. cjberry27 (verified owner)

    Purchased a ball python through XYZ and she was perfect! Got here in time, she was very calm, safe and healthy. She is absolutely beautiful and warmed up to her new home in no time! I love how they also give information for when they eat and when they were born. I will definitely be back!

  124. ronniecox8633 (verified owner)

    Love my snake, she’s is a beauty! Will definitely buy from here again.

  125. Clarence Lett (verified owner)

    Arrived the next day. I have to admit I was shocked by this 5-star service. I purchased the ball python, female. She was just gorgeous and friendly. Definitely recommend to everyone. I’ll be back.

  126. Ken Nelson (verified owner)

    I received my girl this past Wednesday morning. She was not stressed out and very calm. Very beautiful snake. Shipping was just like they say overnight and snake will be at your door the next morning. So now I plan on adding some snakes to my wishlist and ordering them in the future. Thanks xyzreptiles, you guys are great.

  127. David Wood (verified owner)

    She’s doing good. She has been very well maintained and is a beautiful snake. I would definitely order from you guys again. Thank you have a wonderful day!

  128. Sam Crinshaw (verified owner)

    Very lively and healthy. I will definitely order from y’all next time.

  129. Mystik Boone (verified owner)

    She arrived right on schedule and was immediately comfortable with me and so curious. The card said feed her on Friday and she ate with no problems. I’ve never had a snake before but always wanted one and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience so far. Thank you!

  130. cinralvarado (verified owner)

    My baby snake did take longer than I expected to come but I imagine that fedex gave me the wrong estimation of arrival time. Other than that, xyz reptile sent me everything on time and in great condition. She is so beautiful and curious! thanks so much!!!

  131. Raymond sims jr (verified owner)

    My baby ball python arrived on Tuesday and his name is king. He is beautiful and I’m going to waiting on him to get use to me but he try to bite me 2 time already but I’m just going to wait until king ready to get to know me but I do love king

  132. Kelly Rintelman (verified owner)

    Our baby, Piper the ball python, arrived on Monday and is adjusting very well! She seems like she’s going to be a sweetheart!

  133. Logan Hendricks (verified owner)

    Got my snake (enchi ball python) 2 days ago, it came in healthy and was very interactive the first day. Will be ordering from them again.

  134. Nicholas Perdomo (verified owner)

    Arrived in great condition and safe.

  135. Mackenzie Parrott (verified owner)

    Ordered a ball python and it arrived on Tuesday! She’s beautiful and healthy! Will definitely be buying from these guys again! Thank you

  136. James Jones (verified owner)

    She arrived in excellent condition, very pretty for a normal pattern. My only wish is she could have been a little larger as she was for my youngest son. This is the third Ball I have gotten from here and all three are excellent animals. My other two are a male fire, and a female spider, the spider is one of the best snakes I have ever owned. All three are excellent eaters and have perfect temperaments.

  137. TINA ANDERSON (verified owner)

    Our snake arrived in good condition. My husband loves it and it’s very pretty.

  138. Michaela Cotone (verified owner)

    This is the best place to get reptiles. I just received my ball python on Tuesday! When he arrived he was in great shape and beautiful. They take great care of their reptiles. He is very docile and has not tried to lunge at me once. I would definitely recommend and buy from them again !

  139. aviendha.dimaggioo (verified owner)

    Marvicus was a little skittish and shy but thats understandable. She was very alert in her enclosure and within a few hours she tuckered herself out and fell asleep in her little cave. Absolutley would purchase another reptile from you guys again. Thanks so much for quality reptiles and customer service.

  140. Aashish Aryal (verified owner)

    I would recommend XYZReptiles to anyone. Great job!

  141. Renee Bollman (verified owner)

    My Izzy is wonderful. She was alert and so sweet when she arrived, wonderfully packaged. She has such wonderful markings. I would recommend XYZReptiles to anyone. Great job!

  142. Brock Glossop (verified owner)

    I got my snake pretty fast, he’s healthy and moves around a lot. He ate the second day I had him with no problems. He’s very nice doesn’t bite.

  143. torisoileau (verified owner)

    He came very fast, was healthy and very sociable even on his first day home. I’m very happy with my boa. I’m planning on getting another one.

  144. Brandon Hargrave (verified owner)

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for getting my snake to me super fast. She’s healthy and happy, thanks agai!. I will be buying from you in the future.

  145. LaMarr Duncan (verified owner)

    I love my ball python. He is very active and easy to handle for my 11 and 4 yr old children.

  146. madisonthearies (verified owner)

    I received my BP Genesis in perfect condition. He is super relaxed and so sweet. I will definitely be doing more business with xyzreptiles!! Thank you!

  147. yodatrumpet (verified owner)

    This is the first time I have ever ordered a reptile online, and I couldn’t be happier! She is healthy, docile, and beautiful! She is the perfect addition to the menagerie we have, and was a great Mother’s Day present for my wife. If I am ever looking for another reptile for my home, this will be the first place I check!

  148. Leann Evans (verified owner)

    She is amazing!! We are in love! We ordered a female baby ball for our 13 yr old daughter. She was delivered the following day, and we couldn’t be happier. Will definitely be ordering all of our future reptiles from xyz!!

  149. Jonathan Day (verified owner)

    So happy I purchased from this company. I definitely will be a returning customer.

  150. Martin Tolentino (verified owner)

    Overnight delivery was on time. My ball python is healthy and very friendly.

  151. chandler.gibbs (verified owner)

    I ordered my bp from xyz and am super happy with him, he looks amazing and is super friendly. I couldn’t have asked for a better snake. I was a little skeptical about ordering a snake online as I had never done so before, but xyz is definitely the way to go! Highly recommend!

  152. Cody Drees (verified owner)

    I have owned snakes. I have bought from big chain pet stores and they were always sickly… I received Keenan from XYZ the other day and he is already the most vibrant and chill snake I’ve ever owned… He ate right away when I fed him a hopper. I will most definitely be purchasing from you all again!

  153. Dustin Bodoin (verified owner)

    Beautiful, healthy bp. Very easy to handle. Looking forward to ordering more!

  154. Austin Hill (verified owner)

    Beautiful ball python, do recommend.

  155. Stephanie Burkhard (verified owner)

    My son’s first snake arrived quickly and safely. She’s beautiful, adjusting well to her new enclosure. From order to arrival was very quick and efficient. Great place to get a snake!

  156. Brian Havener (verified owner)

    Amazing reptile company. Got the run around from several other companies until I found this one. Joined the waitlist for a baby Ball Python and had him within a week. Arrived next day healthier then ever. Would highly reccomend Xyz Reptile. Thank you!

  157. kevinesalvador (verified owner)

    First snake for our family and I couldn’t be more pleased. The package came on time an we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for the new addition to our family.

  158. abaietto

    Amazing bp, could not be happier at all! Absolutely amazing.

  159. Shawn Henderson (verified owner)

    My ball python came on time. He was packed safely. He came healthy with no apparent problems. Great service!

  160. Gary Bainbridge (verified owner)

    Came very healthy and beautiful. The snake and I couldn’t be happier. thanks!!!

  161. Zayyan Brown (verified owner)

    Super beautiful baby ball python. She’s very active and friendly. She was a little on edge and then warmed right up to the whole family. Not to mention she’s gorgeous! I asked for the runt because I wanted a smaller snake and two stripes where the eyes are like the first ball python I ever had and that’s exactly what I got. Also on the card that comes in the box they tell you when the animal eats and what it has been eating which is super useful. Only two things I would mention is I thought that the baby would be a hatchling from 2020 some sites mention the year in the description and this one does not but she was born in December and is still only 4 months old. As well as that there was no warmer in the box so she came slightly cold as it was windy that day in New York but she shipped super fast and there was no risk of freezing because it was no where near that cold. All in all awesome snake thanks for my new family member xyz reptiles.

  162. Marcus Moore (verified owner)

    Ordered a baby ball. It came exactly when they said and is healthy as can be. It was packaged securely and even had a cold pack in there because of the warmer weather. I would definitely buy from here again in the future.

  163. Andy Drumm (verified owner)

    Fast shipping! My ball arrived active and heathy . She was larger than I expected. Will definitely buy from XYZ again!

  164. Jadyn Reeder (verified owner)

    I ordered from here a couple of days ago and I can’t be more happy with how she arrived. They make sure the snake is secure during shipping and even put a hot pack in with their boxes. She came to me warm, fed recently and extremely docile. She loves to explore her new habitat and she’s super curious and calm. I love everything about the service I was provided and will be reccommending xyz reptiles to anyone who is looking into an affordable yet healthy and happy reptile for life.

  165. love lee (verified owner)

    I don’t know where the heat pack is supposed to be but I didn’t see one in my box that was obvious, so she was a bit cold but overall healthy and she has just the sweetest temperament and the cutest patterns with color thats a lot less dull than i thought, would definitely purchase from xyz again 🙂 Also I love that they put a card telling you when your baby was born, and what its eating at the moment, super helpful :)!!

  166. Jarred Reed (verified owner)

    Came a couple of days ago and she’s beautiful. Extremely docile nature from her and wasn’t scared of me handling her for the first time. She came warm as well and wasn’t cold at all. Will definitely order animals from here again.

  167. andedward fleanders (verified owner)

    I love my new snake from you guys.

  168. Kufi Bedminster (verified owner)

    I got my baby ball python and she’s the calmest sweetest snake I ever met. Shipping was great, her heating pack was still warm and I will definitely be ordering from here again!

  169. Austin Fortney (verified owner)

    He seems to be very happy in his new home I’m so happy to finally receive the little guy and can’t wait to see how big he gets.

  170. Amanda Gray (verified owner)

    He seems to be loving his new home. Likes to go all over in it. Little stressed after shipping but adjusting very well.


    I just ordered a male and female KSB ..great service good healthy snakes.
    Fed ex was horrible with the delivery they were a day late in very cold weather and we worried that the snakes would not make it, happy to say they did and there doing great. We will be ordering more from XYZ very happy with the service and the animals..Thank you!

  172. bree92205 (verified owner)

    We love our new snake and can’t wait to enjoy her, shipping took time because of weather but once she shipped it was so fast and easy to get her. Plan to buy from you guys again.

  173. sanna121901

    My little boy came on time with no trouble. He is such a sweetheart once he realizes he isn’t in any danger. He is a very curious little munchkin and he hasn’t shown signs of aggression (he has not struck at me either). I absolutely recommend buying from xyzreltiles and I plan to do so again in the future.

  174. Sam Vargas (verified owner)

    Awesome place. Great customer service and snake arrived in perfect condition. Will buy from again.

  175. Mystaya Randall (verified owner)

    She’s wonderful. She came on time and in perfect condition. Thank you!

  176. Jesse Bishop (verified owner)

    Whole experience was Great! From ordering to receiving. The baby ball arrived in perfect condition, ready to cuddle. Thanks!

  177. Zoey Worstall

    My male is absolutely beautiful, I’m looking forward to purchasing another snake in the future. When my snake arrived he was a little cold, he’s very calm and active.

  178. justyce hurst (verified owner)

    he was very nervous at first but he quickly got over it and he was nice and warm when he arrived at the door.

  179. hpearce21 (verified owner)

    So I ordered my ball python last night and he was waiting for me when i got home. I was a little worried when i was sticking my hand in the bag, but I had no reason to because he is as docile as a snake can get. He is a beautiful normal bp and his name is Ryuk (death note reference) He is absolutely amazing and I will defiantly be ordering from XYZReptiles again. The only concern I had was that he was a little cold when I got him and he didn’t have a heating pack, but it was very minor and he is laying on his heating pad under his hide right now. I thank you so much for this snake and he is an amazing animal.

    • xyzReptiles

      Hello and thank you for your positive review. We would like to respond to a comment that you made and that is about the heat pack. It is much easier to cause harm to a reptile during shipping by overheating it than by chilling it. Reptiles can tolerate temperatures close to freezing for a short amount of time with no side effects but will easily succumb to over heating in a short period of time. Animals that are shipped all over the United States start in Miami where we are located and travel through Memphis overnight before they reach their destinations. When shipping an animal we have to consider peak temperatures in all three locations and make a decision based on that and not the over night low at the final destination.

  180. Ruben Aguilera (verified owner)

    My snake arrived at the time asked.She was perfect, all I could ask, in perfect health too.This is a perfect website to order reptiles.I will definitely order from this website again.

  181. whuffie (verified owner)

    This is my sixth ball python, but I have a soft spot for normals. I didn’t want to go through the big chain stores because I don’t trust them on reptile care. So I began surfing the internet, reading reviews, and trying to find someone who had reasonable prices with a good track record. I landed here. I asked about safety in the temperatures because I live in an area that gets well over the 96 degrees in summer. XYZ told me that if it was a problem, I could pick my snake up at the hub. I also asked if they fed frozen/thawed or live. I was told that they feed both so it was my choice. I ordered and waited. When I opened the box it was really well padded inside with thick foam and marked on the outside so it wouldn’t be mishandled. Inside the cloth bag had that he was a male ball python, tied securely and zip tied. I’ll be honest, I thought FedEx fried him because he didn’t show up until around noon. The bag was stiff and crackly. Grimly horrified at FedEx, I began to undo the ties. A tiny dent appeared in the cloth. The snake was just fine and I was feeling extra shipping material to let the snake feel more secure/hide in as well as protect him. He came right out of the bag in curious mode. He didn’t ball up defensively and hide, in spite of the trip. I feel that someone took the time to handle him and get him used to people. He’s not fearful at all. He came with a card telling me what day he was hatched, what day he ate, and what type/size prey. He was marked as live food but I decided to try frozen/thawed first. Because he arrived on Thursday I gave him 8 days to settle in and get used to his new home. On the 8th day, I offered him the mouse. I have NEVER had a ball python eat so easily! I didn’t even have to do the “zombie mouse dance.” He flicked his tongue at it, identified it as food, and proceeded to swallow. I won’t hesitate to come back to XYZ for another reptile purchase.

  182. Marko DeVoll (verified owner)

    Bought this for my son she is beautiful and already so tame I’m already telling people about xyz reptiles and I’m already Searching for my next snake my son smile was from ear to ear when he came home from school and seen his baby ball pythons he named her lady now my daughter wants one lol butg she’s only 4 so I guess dad’s getting another snake hehehehehehe

  183. jaydendoelman

    Got my male ball python a little while ago and he was extremely well tempered, and is just beautiful! He eats great and has a great personality! He has adjusted to his new home so well, and the family loves him! Definitely recommend XYZReptiles!

  184. Jenna (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a baby ball python and he was on time and is beautiful! He is so docile and I will definitely recommend xyz reptiles to anyone interested. Thanks again xyzreptiles!

  185. Jerry (verified owner)

    Fast service and a beautiful animal couldn’t ask for better and prices are great recommend this site to everyone

  186. Lezley (verified owner)

    Absolutely adore my new little girl, she’s very docile and is a great addition to my little reptile family. Great customer service as far as giving me information on when she was born, what days she eats, and what type of mouse she eats.
    Definitely will be getting more family members.
    Satisfied Customer.

  187. wolfganglandscapeinc (verified owner)

    Love this little guy. He seemed a bit frightened from shipping but he’s settling in nicely. He was packed well and his heat pack was still warm upon arrival. He seems healthy and has already had his first mouse in his new home. Thanks for sending such a great animal. I’m sure if Leroy could talk he’d thank you too.

  188. nathanbriggs174 (verified owner)

    Thank you all ao much, I love my new bp.

  189. lexisdesire (verified owner)

    Love my ball python! She’s beautiful and so active! Only thing is she absolutely refuses frozen/thawed she will only eat live but some snakes are just like that. So other than that she’s perfect!

  190. Michael

    Received my baby python yesterday morning. She had a great temperament and was very inquisitive as soon as i took her out of the bag. I spoke with Amir and told him what I was looking for and so far so good, my kids love her and she is great with them. I fed her this morning with no problems at all. Amir and his team are great!! Would highly recommend them!!

  191. tmink00

    We have been super pleased so far. She seems a little shy when we tried to feed her but we called XYZ to ask information about her and the associate who answered was very helpful. He remembered our snake personally and gave us some excellent tips for moving forward. XYZ has excellent customer service, always seem ready to answer any questions we have, and we plan to continue doing business with them and have already been spreading the word with our friends and family so they know where to go for a great deals on reptiles.

  192. Ceara Alexandra

    Love both my babies! So beautiful and chill attitude ! Love xyz!!

  193. Savannah

    I ordered a male not too long ago and I am nothing short of pleased! He’s very beautiful. He was wary and a little agitated after shipment, but that is to be expected and he came around quickly. He is completely healthy, his temperament is great, and even his appetite is decent! I’ll definitely be ordering another ball from this site when the time comes. 🙂

  194. Brittany

    I ordered my boy last Monday and received him the following morning. He was the best birthday present a girl could ever ask for. He’s healthy, curious and willing to eat! He’s even silly at times when it comes to his hides.

  195. ravannijohnson

    I absolutely love my snake, he is so calm and very active. I will definitely be getting another snake.

  196. Rebecca

    Got my girl the next day, she was a little annoyed with shipping but otherwise has been amazing! Very active, will be coming back to buy another very soon.

  197. Rebecca

    I ordered a female and she came in next day. She was a little upset with shipping but after a few days she warmed right up. She doesn’t seem interested in eating yet but she is active and isn’t loosing any weight. I will be back for a second snake in the coming months. Wonderful snake

  198. elizabethbree14

    My female baby ball python just arrived yesterday and she is absolutely gorgeous! She is extremely friendly and curious. I couldn’t have asked for a better snake.

  199. chrisbblanco25

    First off it was great service, I had a few questions about my tracking number and what days do they feed the snakes and I was given answers almost immediately. The snake is in perfect health and absolutely beautiful so no worries there. The price was not to shabby either and I absolutely will be buying from them again. The shipping was fast and easy with no hassle. Also they have quite the variety of snakes which are all beautiful in my opinion. Not to mention this was my first purchase from them and it’s was a fantastic experience. 5/5 stars definitely would recommend.

  200. Jerry

    I ordered 2 baby ball pythons (1 male and 1 female) on a Monday morning. I received both the next morning in perfect condition. They are beautiful. I will definitely be referring people to xyzreptiles in the future.

  201. rachrl.n.royer


  202. kristians_nanna

    Service was awesome as were the pair of ball pythons. Very professional and really appreciate all the help.

  203. steffenhollis1991

    My son absolutely loves his snake. They were quick on shipping.

  204. rickeyamarie

    XYZReptiles offers AMAAAZING customer service. My baby ball python was nice and warm upon arrival. Overall a great experience. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  205. iwillwin1369

    My female has a great attitude and I absolutely love her temper!

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