Baby Black Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

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Species: Python regius  Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Hopper Mice Live Or Frozen/Thawed Image: Representative Image SKU:A410165Categories:
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The black eyed leucitic ball python is the result of breeding fires or flames together and are white snakes with black eyes. Ours where produced from cinnamon fires and could possibly be three gene combos. Our baby black eyed leucitic ball pythons for sale are tame, healthy and feeding. You may also in be interested in our blue eyed lucy which is an all white snake with blue eyes.

18 reviews

  1. Casey Donlon (verified owner)

    Beautiful snake. I got this as a surprise for my daughter for making the principles list in school. She was speechless, as I was when we openedthe package. There is one more I’m interested in myself and this going to be the only place I get it from.

  2. Victoria Allen (verified owner)

    It came in alive and beautiful! I will definitely be ordering another one from this site soon!

  3. Donald Johnson (verified owner)

    So my boy arrived on Wednesday. He is healthy and beautiful. He is very very bitey though. 1st snake I’ve order from xyz that’s been this aggressive. My only complaint is it’s no where near as big as described. It says 200g to 300g and it’s only at 106g. Other than that I love the snake. I just have to tame him down. This is my 6th snake from xyz and I highly recommend them.

    • XYZReptiles

      Hi Ronald and thanks for your review. Hopefully he has tamed down a bit. He could have been behaving aggressively due to stress from the trip or settling into a new environment. Please accept our apologies on the misinformation on the weight. It is pretty difficult to keep up with exact weights for every baby. We have since changed the weight to reflect a scale. Thank you for your business and support, we appreciate both.

  4. Kennedy Folwell (verified owner)

    Got my boy ghost a few days ago very friendly.

  5. Michael Reaves (verified owner)

    My girl Lucy came in today – beautiful and very friendly! ??????????

  6. Bradley Allen (verified owner)

    Beautiful specimen! A little anxious when I received it but it has really settled in. Second ball python I’ve ordered and I’ve have not been disappointed. Would order from xyz again in a heart beat!

  7. Colton Lambert (verified owner)

    Received my Black Eyed Leucistic ball python this week and could not be happier with this snake. She is beautiful, healthy and docile. She is completely white with black eyes and red pupils. The process was simple and easy and well worth the price. She came with a card that said when she was born and what she was eating along with the day. Would recommend XYZ to anybody looking for a Ball python.

  8. lividturtle (verified owner)

    I order my little Lucy last week and she came yesterday. She is so Beautiful and the shipping process was very nice. Not only did she arrive but she arrived in a great Mood. Thanks XYZ!

  9. melissabockmares (verified owner)

    I am so happy with my purchase! She is my first pet snake and I couldn’t be happier. The first day she was very shy however by day two she was socializing and very curious. Being stuck at home right now during quarantine has been quite lonely, I am so happy to have her around now. She really brightens up my day 🙂 I highly recommend XYZ snakes!

  10. calleah2011 (verified owner)

    My snake arrived happy and healthy. She was very sweet and curious straight off the bag. In case you’re wondering about coloring, mine is completely white and absolutely gorgeous. They include a little card that says the day of the week in which they eat, what type/size of mouse/rat they’re currently eating, The date in which they were born and if they eat frozen or live food.

  11. Paige Flanary (verified owner)

    Very prompt email updates and shipping, the animal I ordered came in warm and very healthy!

  12. AUDRA PRUITT (verified owner)

    My new little girl arrived as scheduled, happy and healthy! So much prettier than the pics showed! XYZ reptiles has quality animals and are a dream to work with! Can’t wait to do more business!

  13. Stacy Huffman (verified owner)

    My snake arrived very healthy and very energetic. Beautiful snake!!! This company has my business!

  14. Scott Chambers (verified owner)

    I ordered my black eyed lucy about a month or two ago, and he has been doing fantastic! He got here nice and healthy, and he takes frozen thawed and live like a champ. When I contacted XYZ I got all my questions answered. It was an overall great experience, and I would love to order here again!

  15. Hope Bushnell (verified owner)

    Beautiful snake, she’s a bit scared right now but I’m hoping that will get better once she gets used to things here. Overall very happy with my purchase.

  16. Joseph (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing experience, he came in quickly with no issues. He appears to be a happy snake from a great breeder.

  17. Jack Barket (verified owner)

    Amazing experience overall. Customer service was extremely helpful (responded in less than a minute) and the snake arrived perfectly healthy. Heat pack was still hot and the snake arrived super curious. I’ve never seen a snake acclimate to a new environment so well. She’s happy as can be! Gonna be shopping at XYZ a lot more in the future 🙂

  18. Jon Wayne (verified owner)

    First off WOW. This is the most beautiful snake I have ever seen in my life, pictures don’t do her half the justice she deserves. Those black eyes with glowing, pulsating red pupils… An amazing snake and she came safe and happy. Thanks XYZ!

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