Baby Borneo Blood Python

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Species: Python breitensteini  Weight: 80-100 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4205Categories:
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The Borneo blood python is also known as the Borneo short tail python by some. Our baby Borneo blood pythons for sale are gorgeous specimens that are healthy and feeding weekly. These gorgeous captive born babies feed on a diet of frozen thawed rodents. They are not as big as their Sumatran cousins and barely get over four feet long. If you are into blood pythons you will be interested in our beautiful baby red blood pythons.

Borneo Blood Python Care

Providing care for this snake is very similar to caring for other medium sized pythons. Baby blood pythons are happier in a smaller terrarium as they adjust to their new surroundings. Using an undertank heater rather than is heat lamp is best. Because blood pythons need higher humidity always have a large sturdy water bowl in the terrarium filled with fresh water. Provide a low hiding spot lined with damp sphagnum moss to help with shedding and defecation. Coconut bark or cypress mulch are excellent bedding choices.

5 reviews

  1. Chase Tkach (verified owner)

    I ordered my short tail Borneo Python, received a very healthy and active one! She has a feisty attitude, as expected. Friendly girl and beautiful colors. Also ordered an albino blood Python. Arrived on time, perfect warm packaging.

  2. garrett3167 (verified owner)

    I ordered my Borneo short tail and she came in right on time and was so beautiful and amazing. She warmed up to me very quickly and has a great appetite. Very pleased with this purchase. Definitely will be back to buy either a red blood python or a boa constrictor! Thank you guys so much for such an amazing snake!!

  3. lushpuppy21 (verified owner)

    I bought a beautiful borneo blood python. I was worried she wouldn’t eat as she looked a little thin but the day after she came she ate a huge mouse. 2 days I thought I’d try again and yes my girl was hungry. She’s shy and not aggressive at all. Im very happy and I may get the red blood when they come back in stock. I wish I could upload a picture she’s beautiful.

  4. tyzebadiah88

    I brought my Girl about 2 years ago and she is Such A gentle soul. Well tamed just beautiful!!!! I love her and her color is gorgeous. Definitely looking to buy my Next reptile from you guys this month.

  5. Stephen Durham (verified owner)

    Received my baby BORNEO very quick and in grate health also very well mannered! Had no trouble feeding and loves his new habitat. Thanks XYZreptiles

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