Baby Het T Positive Albino Blood Python

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Species: Python brongersmai  Weight: 80-100 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A42047Categories:
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Our het t positive albino blood python python for sale is a beautiful captive bred python. They carry the genetic traits for albinism but do not visually show it. Our captive bred baby het t positive albino blood pythons for sale are feeding and readily handled. For the keepers wanting to breed these snakes, we suggest pairing with an albino blood python.

Het T Positive Albino Blood Python Care

Het t plus blood python care is rather simple. Always start with a smaller terrarium in order to maintain the perfect temperature and humidity. In addition to a small heating pad, a large water bowl and flat hiding spot are a must. Use a combination of coconut bark and sphagnum moss for the perfect bedding. You can tong feed these snakes inside their enclosures or use a second small feeding box. We encourage regular handling o keep your pet snake enriched.

1 review

  1. ewenseric7 (verified owner)

    He is very beautiful but has a heck of an attitude lol. He is adjusting too his new home. I absolutely love him and the service I got. Thank u

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