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Species: Python regius  Sex: Unsexed Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image Categories:
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Each baby butter ball python for sale has shed and had multiple meals before being offered for purchase. The butter ball python is yet another way to make the highly sought after blue eyed lucy morph. Our butter ball pythons for sale are captive bred in the U.S. They are housed under optimal conditions to ensure you receive a healthy pet snake.

33 reviews

  1. christinemwheeler89 (verified owner)

    Our beautiful butterball arrived safely and on time. This is our second ball python purchase from XYZ and we are very pleased with the health and conditions of both purchases.

  2. shawt0294 (verified owner)

    Just got my snake two days ago. It’s so beautiful. Great, quick, and safe travels to Maryland. Love it!

  3. kristendawn37 (verified owner)

    He is very active and took to us right away. Everything was very professional and he was exactly what we ordered. Thank you.

  4. Whitney Morris (verified owner)

    My boyfriend loved his pet snake and we can’t wait to get a second one!

  5. smokekripy (verified owner)

    Very healthy and eating ok. Good site to buy snakes.

  6. shayleegreen1290 (verified owner)

    Very beautiful animal. Arrived healthy and she is doing great. I’d definitely recommend buying from xyz.

  7. Felicity Whaples (verified owner)

    Arrived happy, healthy and right on time. Seems to be very curious and docile. He was really active from day one. He is a beautiful snake and I’m so glad I chose Xyz for my snake. I will definitely be back for my next snake.

  8. jetjmason (verified owner)

    This was our first XYZ order and probably not our last. Everything was perfect; communication, shipping, the SNAKE! He’s a dream. So beautiful! We couldn’t be happier.

  9. Ray Cooper (verified owner)

    Our Butter female showed up on time and she looks amazing! I can’t wait to see her grow. This is my second ball python from XYZ and definitely won’t be the last.

  10. James Yingling (verified owner)

    I am very happy that I bought my butterball baby from xyz. They were so helpful and friendly when I had questions I will definitely be ordering from them again soon

  11. Katherine Idler (verified owner)

    He’s so sweet! He came right out and explored his new home. I love the information card that was sent. Very satisfied!

  12. Cassie Washington (verified owner)

    Completely satisfied with the colors and temperment of my female baby butter ball. Even on the first day she was very adventurous and was barely hiding. This is my first snake so I prepared for her to be hiding and defensive for the first couple of days. She is perfect and brave, good thing the tank is locked otherwise she would have been out in less than an hour. I will definitely be buying from xyz from now on!

  13. kzahajko (verified owner)

    Lilith is alert, curious and acclimating nicely to her new home. We will try handling her tomorrow for the first time and then feeding later in the day but I am confident she will do great. Her coloring is absolutely stunning and I am so grateful for this new companion.

  14. Chantel Bass (verified owner)

    This will be the time I ordered a snake from xyzreptiles and it’s an amazing experience!!! I just received my butter ball python and is absolutely gorgeous!!! I’m in love with her already thanks xyzreptiles!!! Will be ordering again real soon!

  15. Wyatt Nestor-Pasicznyk (verified owner)

    I ordered a baby butterball python from you last year and as my first snake and he has been pretty much the best thing that has happened to me!! He arrived when FedEx had said he would and came neatly packed in a little cardboard box with foam interior and small cloth bag with a bunch of little heat pads. I loved that they had included the card with instructions on when to feed him, what day and how much.
    He has always been the friendliest lil guy, periscoping and peeking around. He is a fantastic eater and is now wholly massive at 960 grams!! He sheds real nice each time, and is seldom grumpy. Honestly I have 2 snakes right now and the other one I got from a rescue and she was in really bad shape. I plan to get a king or corn snake from you guys in the future and every other reptile related purchase I make I’ll definitely be doing it through this company! I highly recommend you guys to any of my friends that ask about where to get beardies/Bps
    Thanks so much!

  16. Alexandra Good (verified owner)

    Order recieved at 10:30am exactly! My baby boy seems very healthy and happy. He’s a bit fiesty 😉 but adjusting to his new habitat very well! I love how they sent me a card telling me which day they were fed and what kind of rodent – helpful for a first-time snake owner as myself. Overall, very pleased! Will be ordering from here again in the future.

  17. Wild Out (verified owner)

    I am happy with my pick peanut butter is a beautiful snake I can’t wait to order my next one

  18. Matthew Casey (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Great customer service! The snake arrived healthy and happy. The Package had great instructions. I will buy from here again. Highly recommend!!!

  19. seth zelenik (verified owner)

    This has been my first experience ordering snakes on line. The snakes I ordered were shipped out fast and extra Care was given to packaging. They arrived healthy and a good size for there age. I have made several calls to xyz and every time they have been frindly very happy to answer any questions I had. The snakes came with info on food and birth dates and that was a big help. I ordered 4 snakes from another company and although they were healthy the came with nothing but a receipt which was disappointing. I look forword to ordering many more snakes from here in the future.

  20. Judi Patel (verified owner)

    Our baby butter came in healthy. Zarra was a bit shook up and scared. She is a little aggressive but we know with some love and attention she will learn to trust us.

  21. Caine Rodrigue (verified owner)

    Customer service was great! My baby butter ball python arrived live and well. Very happy with my purchsse and will be purchasing again. Buying animals online can be sketchy but xyzreptiles is the way to go!

  22. dmpoole723 (verified owner)

    Got my baby male two days ago…..he is adjusting very well. He’s very beautiful!! I love him!! Would definitely recommend my friends to purchase from XYZReptiles and I will be purchasing again from them! Thanks XYZ!! 🙂

  23. Amanda Stevenson (verified owner)

    Omg i am so happy with my butter ball python it’s a female and just got her a couple days ago and named her jazmaine she is so beautiful and is so well behaved and tame I just want to say thank you so much cause I just lost a male cinnamon het pied so that was so hard for me, she has some amazing colors and beautiful markings as well

  24. Larry Melvin (verified owner)

    Thank you so much. I love my ball python so much and I named him Dream. He arrived safe and he s very healthy and active. He is very sociable and I could tell that he came from good hands. I liked the sticker and card that he came with that gave information about him. Super satisfied!

  25. Brandon Kastor (verified owner)

    Amazing ball python shes 4 months old and She’s huge. Very active healthy ate right away for me. She’s a little shy when it comes to holding but shes definitely getting better. Thanks for amazing service again and I’ll be sure to order another soon.

  26. Chayli Wright (verified owner)

    He’s beautiful! My first experience with this shop and will definitely be back. So friendly and ate perfectly after a few days getting used to his new environment. Love love love. Great information on when and what he eats too. So helpful! Can’t wait to spoil him! Thank you so much!

  27. Sam Coulter (verified owner)

    What a stellar Company!!! I spoke with the owner many times before and after ordering as well as right after we got our “Butter”! We even spoke during the hurricane! Shipping was perfect and even a few minutes early! Let me say this, Butter is my first snake and he is the most chill little thang you’ve ever seen! My seven year old little girl has fallen in love with him too! I highly recommend XYZ reptiles!

  28. gwappz216 (verified owner)

    Just got my baby butter ball python she is beautiful, bright colors and I will be shopping for a new albino ball next xyz is the greatest also quick and polite service see ya soon xyz.

  29. katherine.clements5125

    My husband and I just received out two baby Butters, one male and one female, this morning. It is obvious to us how well they were fed and cared for before their arrival, and they are simply gorgeous! The customer service was also first class, with responses in no time. We will certainly return for future purchases and are very grateful to XYZReptiles for our new little noodles!

  30. katelynandchad (verified owner)

    Very proud new momma of a baby butter ball python!! He arrived on time right on the dot at 10:30 am. Whenever I needed questions, I just called and got my answers right away. My little guy arrived nicely packed, and was warm when I got him! He seems to be very healthy and is so tiny and cute ! He has beautiful colors on him, just like the picture but even more impressive in person! As soon as we put him in his terrarium, he just booped right up and started moving around. He was very active and lively, and he kept flickering his tongue checking the place out. I feel like he is happy, and I am definitely happy, and give a HUGE thanks to this wonderful company for their outstanding service and cooperation!! Will definitely be ordering again and will recommend this site to anyone wanting a reptile. And thank you for the awesome new key chain and sticker! Ill be sticking it to his terrarium.
    Kudos to You XYZReptiles!, Katelyn Shearer

  31. kewong4 (verified owner)

    I received my new baby on Wednesday and he is so adorable. I love the updates on the shipping and the packaging was great. He explored his new home all day and night and has taken very well to his new home. Before purchasing, I asked questions and I got feedback quickly. I appreciate great customer service because this shows how much they care for their animals. I have been waiting for this little guy for a few weeks and was notified once he was available. Thank you so much for everything! I will definitely be ordering again!

  32. Sickboyjd (verified owner)

    Unbelievable service, order yesterday on the June 1st and, I got updates on where the snake was and it was delivered at the time it said it would be .My wife bought me a beautiful young butterball male. The pictures did not do justice the butterball python has the light green black and white, he is gorgeous! We decided to name him slipknot. He is very healthy I am very impressed on how they packaged and shipped slipknot. He and my other ball python had a brief meeting, can’t wait to breed Michonne and slip. I will definitely recommend XYZreptiles to friends and family. Thank you so very much , I will be a returned customer 4sure….oh and thanks for the key chain my daughter loves it and the sticker….my son put it on his door. You guys made my fathers day thanks again.

  33. skgirls (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase! Great price, easy transaction and beautiful snake. My butter ball python (Zeus) came nicely packaged and the heat pack was still hot when I unboxed him. He ate right away with no problems and has been happily digesting his meal in his new home. Will definitely be buying from XYZReptiles in the near future!

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