Baby Calico Ball Python

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Species: Python regius  Weight: 80-100 grams Diet: Live & Frozen - Thawed Hopper Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410219Categories:
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Each calico ball python for sale comes from the line started right here in South Florida. The calico ball python has been known to make fantastic looking combinations. Our baby calico ball pythons feed weekly on both live and f/t hopper mice.

4 reviews

  1. andrecarter6200 (verified owner)

    She arrived on time and she looks beautiful!

  2. Esther Raygoza (verified owner)

    I got my female calico two days ago and she’s so calm. When she arrived she was already very active and seemed to enjoy being held right away. Her color is gorgeous and I couldnt be happier with her.

  3. Joseph (verified owner)

    Healthy and alive! My Calico was packed with care and a heating packet. She is attentive and her color is amazing.

  4. Jason (verified owner)

    I love this morph and the snake arrived healthy and packed well.

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