Baby Ghost Ball Python

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Species: Python regius  Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen/Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:N/ACategories:
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Each ghost ball python for sale is healthy and feeding on a weekly basis. The ghost ball python is normally yellow or orange as an adult and they have a very light pattern. Our baby ghost ball pythons for sale are well maintained and housed under optimal conditions. This ensures that your new ball python morph will be in peak condition upon arrival.


19 reviews

  1. Ember B. Wicker (verified owner)

    I got my baby boy (my first snake ever) around 6 months ago. He eats live mice and he is healthy, when I first got him I paid for shipping over night and when I say I was pissed when he got here four days after, I was pissed I was calling FedEx and cussing them out because I had just spent 200+ dollars for overnight Tuesday and Wednesday. They not only put him on my grandparents porch the box was smashed on one side so that pissed me off even more. So please don’t use FedEx for your snakes they are horrible, they delay things. And that can harm the snakes and I would never wish that on anyone.

    All in all Voldemort is perfect, he is a sassy man but he has never bit me, he strikes on rare occasions but never really does any damage. He was very tame and sweet when I first got him,, and I am proud to have gotten him. My mom hates snakes but with Voldemort she wants me to show him to everyone that we see in public or in the house.

    I recommend XYZreptiles to everyone who Voldemort meets. He is very social and it’s quite frankly amazing. Thank you so much for my little boy.

  2. superblondie1999 (verified owner)

    I love him! He’s precious and inquisitive and gentle. I love to see him yawn.

  3. momma2538 (verified owner)

    We just got our baby ghost ball the other day and we are in love. We are so glad we chose xyzreptiles for our snake.

  4. mkay.lovebug (verified owner)

    I just got my little guy in the mail on Wednesday and he was super calm and super sweet. There was no aggression and still no aggressive behavior. He is happy and looks healthy. I am so in love with him and can’t wait to get more.

  5. Jennifer Whittle (verified owner)

    We could not possibly be MORE happy and more in love with this company and our new girl. She was here in less than 24 hours. She has a great personality. We were afraid after flying from the other side of the US she would be a recluse. She is so happy and BEAUTIFUL. Our new GO TO shop. I couldn’t recommend XYZ more.

  6. katie.love246 (verified owner)

    My ball python arrived a couple days ago. She is absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. When I opened up her box she was a little cold, but that’s most likely due to colder weather where I live. She did have a heat pad in with her. I put her into the cage first so she could warm up and she started exploring right away. She’s very curious, active and seems very happy and healthy. When I took her out and held her she seemed very comfortable and enjoyed being handled. My brother, sister, and dad handled her as well and she warmed up to them right away. We all love her already and I’m very happy with this purchase. Will definitely look into buying from you guys again sometime in the future. Thank you!

  7. Mayah Johnson (verified owner)

    Incredible ball python! Shes always exploring, super calm, and very friendly! So excited to start handling her regularly.

  8. videogame.driven (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to buy from XYZReptiles, mostly because I’ve heard of people buying from bigger breeders and receiving their reptiles with mites, being underweight / not eating regularly, etc.

    However, I’m absolutely happy I bought my ball python from them! My male arrived healthy, there was a card included with his hatch date and his diet, and he was securely packaged.

    After having him for about a week, I can see that he’s absolutely docile and calm being handled. He doesn’t seem too stressed, but he has not eaten yet!

    When I first saw him, I thought he was a normal wild morph, but of course he’s probably only had one or two sheds, so it’s my mistake!! He’s absolutely gorgeous, and he’ll only get better with age and more sheds. Now to see if he’ll convert to F/T 😉

  9. Michael Murphy (verified owner)

    I was researching on ball pythons for about 6 months. I have a daughter that has allergies to animals with fur, which is sad. So I talked to her and told her maybe we could get a snake. She was so overjoyed and was super excited about it. So, I was talking with customer service about a ghost ball python. I placed the order without telling anyone because I wanted it to be surprising to everyone. I tracked the package and finally, the day arrived. I went to go get my python and went to a friends house because he also helped me decided to pick it out. I opened the box at his house and was surprised how beautiful it looked and he was too. He (the python) was a little shy at first, but then came out to say hi to everyone. My daughter had no clue that the python had arrived. She finally came to the room and was super happy. She named him Goldberg. I have had a great experience with you all. I am ready to order my next snake already. Different morph but same sex. I appreciate you guys so much and my daughter is so happy right now and can’t stop thinking about him. Little Goldberg is super happy and always exploring. Keep an eye on facebook for the future update of the lil guy. thanks, everyone @XYZReptiles.

    Michael A Murphy

  10. Kyle Hamilton (verified owner)

    I’m so surprised at how calm my snake was once he arrived. He was 2.5 months old when he arrived and coming to a new home ball pythons are usually scared and very defensive. However, Savage (my snake), was super calm and even enjoyed being handled. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase!

  11. lilymmcgovern5 (verified owner)

    My snake is happy and healthy, and I couldn’t be more happy with his personality. He’s adorable and his coloring is so pretty!

  12. Kimberly (verified owner)

    My daughter finally got her baby ghost ball python today after doing lots of research and making sure she had the temp/humidity right before getting her snake. FedEx got a piece of my mind after watching him twirl the box around. So needless to say we thought the snake may be dead or really upset.
    Oh my goodness!! She is beautiful!! I got over my fear after about 10 minutes of watching my daughter love on her. She is so sweet with zero aggression. We named her Lady Bel Clementine which means beautiful, loving mercy. We placed her in her terranium and will leave her be for 48hrs. Customer service was good…thank you!! You can tell that they love their snakes and take great care of them.

  13. Shawn (verified owner)

    Got my baby female ghost in very good health very quickly ( less than 16 hrs). She is beautiful and has an awesome temperament very gentle. Will definitely buy from you guys again.

  14. jjhami98 (verified owner)

    I received my male ghost ball python today and he’s perfect for my female bumblebee we also got from xyz a few weeks ago. My girlfriend hasn’t put him down yet. We are so thankful for the amazing service and animals we are receiving from xyz and we are now normal customers.

  15. BTV52107 (verified owner)

    I ordered a female bumblebee and I thought heck why not get her a mate for when she gets older and so we got this in a male and they’re both more than perfect:) thanks XYZ!! Both of the snakes are beyond what I ever imagined. They’re amazing and so was your service!

  16. debra (verified owner)

    He’s very cute and very active! He loves being out and he’s very sweet (: he’s not shy at all and comes out every day for a couple hours and climbs around a lot he has a great active personality (: I love him I’m definitely buying again

  17. HLCarroll926 (verified owner)

    I received my male baby ghost ball python this past Tuesday. There was no heat pack and he seemed a little chilled but not too irritated from all the travel. He ate with no problems two days later and is moving about freely in his tank. He’s still pretty shy when being handled but all in all I’m very happy with my purchase and will be using XYZReptiles again soon!

    • xyzreptiles

      Hello and thank you for your positive review. We would like to respond to a comment that you made and that is about the heat pack. It is much easier to cause harm to a reptile during shipping by overheating it than by chilling it. Reptiles can tolerate temperatures close to freezing for a short amount of time with no side effects but will easily succumb to over heating in a short period of time. Animals that are shipped all over the United States start in Miami where we are located and travel through Memphis overnight before they reach their destinations. When shipping an animal we have to consider peak temperatures in all three locations and make a decision based on that and not the over night low at the final destination.

  18. krystina.karns (verified owner)

    Just received my male ghost ball python and he is beautiful. He’s a little irritated with being in a box (totally understandable) all 4 of my sons held him and he started to loosen up. He’s healthy and gorgeous thank you so much for a great looking and good tempered snake. Definitely will be ordering from you again and soon

  19. Clarence (verified owner)

    Ordered my Ghost Ball Python yesterday and received it in the mail within 24 hrs. Snake looks really healthy and couldnt be happier. Will definitely be ordering from them again very happy with everything. Thanks XYZReptiles

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