Baby Russo Ball Python

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Species: Python regius  Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410222Categories:
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Each Russo ball python for sale is a healthy baby that is feeds weekly. For those interested in breeding, the Russo ball python is the key ingredient in making white diamond ball pythons. Our baby Russo ball pythons for sale are directly from the originator of the morph.

13 reviews

  1. iambrinks (verified owner)

    My female ball python arrived healthy, along with helpful details about feeding and when the snake was born!

  2. Ivan Fernandez (verified owner)

    Love my ball python. Arrived quick and healthy. I’m excited to start handling my python soon.

  3. lakota4829 (verified owner)

    I was absolutely thrilled about my Russo. I unpacked him and he was very beautiful and healthy. Very active and alert! This is my third ball python from xyz and I am very happy with them.

  4. laurenparker1988 (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore my Baby Russo. He arrived healthy and active. Great customer service (even let me combine shipping costs for a second order that was placed before first one shipped out), fast next day shipping, and healthy scaly babies. Will definitely be buying from XYZReptiles again.

  5. slgrimm4758 (verified owner)

    My male Russo arrived healthy and happy. I let him settle for a day or two and he is so comfortable being handled and fed. I will ABSOLUTELY recommend and use XYZReptiles in the future. 5 stars for species quality. 🖤

  6. Preston Pruitt (verified owner)

    I love my Baby Russo. He seems healthy and happy in his new home. Top notch customer service, fast shipping, and healthy scaly babies. XYZReptiles did an amazing job always.

  7. tmckinnies77 (verified owner)

    He’s great, I thank you guys for taking such wonderful care of the animals. This is my second snake from you guys. Thank you again!

  8. charity_t (verified owner)

    This order had a bit of a scare. My baby had shown up super cold and she didn’t even look like she was alive.
    I was hysterical and Amir handled my emotions well. My girl came to within the hour of unboxing her and 2 days later she’s still going strong. Super healthy and active.

  9. ahaak77 (verified owner)

    So happy with the purchase of my male russo BP. He arrived safely, and was docile and curious right out of his shipping bag. He has been settling in nicely since he arrived 4 days ago. I would highly recommend XYZReptiles, and hope to add more of their reptiles to our family in the future. Thanks XYZ!

  10. wrmagoon (verified owner)

    Very pleased, this was my first time having a reptile sent to me by mail. He arrived healthy and beautiful. I couldn’t ask for more.

  11. pdt1973 (verified owner)

    This company has AMAZING response times to any questions or concerns. While there was an issue with our local FedEx person being afraid of water falling from the sky, the staff at XYZReptiles were the consummate professionals in dealing with them to prevent future incidents. My new baby Russo is beautiful and inquisitive. I’ll be using this company for all my reptile needs.

  12. sirensongsapphire (verified owner)

    We got our female baby Russo last week and she’s been awesome! She’s absolutely beautiful, healthy, and eats like a champ. She was a little nippy at first, but is taming down nicely. We’re very happy with her, and with the entire experience of purchasing from XYZ.

  13. Michael (verified owner)

    I am absolutely thrilled with my new baby boy. He came healthy, lively, and ate the very next day!

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