Baby VPI Axanthic Ball Python

(12 Customer Reviews)


Species: Pyhton regius  Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410242Categories:
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Each VPI Axanthic ball python for sale is feeding, healthy and will make a great pet snake. VPI Axanthic ball pythons are a beautiful grey-black and white colored snake. These gorgeous ball python morphs are so popular that they are hard keep in stock.

12 reviews

  1. Hannah Liu (verified owner)

    Possibly the cutest snake I’ve ever seen but perhaps I’m biased! So happy he came alive and well.

  2. jericahoutchens (verified owner)

    She looks beautiful and is so small. Thank you!

  3. Richelle Easterly (verified owner)

    Customer service was awesome. She is a beautiful silver and white. I’ll be ordering more guaranteed. I’m very happy with her Thank you!

  4. todd.harris (verified owner)

    Great customer service. The guy that I dealt with was super nice. My package arrived on time.

  5. Diane Marquette (verified owner)

    The VPI Axanthic is a beautiful silver black and white. Very clear lines. He is calm and loves to be held. I have built most of my collection from XYZ. Every single one has been eye candy along with perfect personalities. These guys know what they are doing.. My only choice for excellent quality and health.

  6. daniellemelissasteele (verified owner)

    My girl is absolutely stunning, photos don’t do her justice. Very sweet and well tempered.

  7. Jeremy Dozier (verified owner)

    Happy little explorer right out of the gate. She seems to have taken well to her new home and I’m going to try feeding her tomorrow. Love this little girl. First time buying from XYZ but definitely not the last.

  8. trusso34 (verified owner)

    This girl arrived happy and ready to explore. Of the 3 BPs we have ordered over the last 3 weeks she is definitely more active. She fed for the first time in her new home yesterday and didn’t hesitate at all to feed. We couldn’t be happier with XYZ and our beautiful snakes. Trying to decide which one we will get next.

  9. erika.filipski (verified owner)

    Received my ball python less than a week ago, and he’s already starting to relax. I’m thoroughly impressed and grateful for the customer service who sent me a photo.

  10. Kylee Small (verified owner)

    Customer service was awesome. I love a company that will talk to you directly and cares about its customers. My first time order, I’ll be back. My snake arrived healthy, safely, and was friendly and active. Not to mention totally beautiful! I’d definitely recommend xyz.

  11. bronxrr1stid126 (verified owner)

    Just received my baby axanthic ball python and am In love with the color. Great customer service and safe delivery.

  12. Sickboyjd

    I am writing this review before I actually get this axanthic beauty. I feel like I should share how good the owners of XYZ reptiles are. I have always wanted one of these pythons. So I wrote them a letter about me being a disabled vet. They are working with me so I can get this gorgeous baby. I have already bought 2 pythons and my family loves them dearly. All I can say is Thank you very much and that when some other vet is looking for a python or lizard that they should buy from XYZ.

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