Baby Yellow Belly Ball Python

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Species: Python regius  Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410210Categories:
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Each yellow belly ball python for sale is a healthy specimen that is feeding weekly. Our babies are fed both live and frozen-thawed hopper mice. This ensures that they will accept either one once they arrive at their new homes. The yellow belly ball python morph was first produced by us back in 1999. Our baby yellow belly ball pythons for sale are from the original male founder stock and are beautiful. You may also be interested in some of our yellow belly morph combos.

26 reviews

  1. gabish84 (verified owner)

    The snake has great colors, showed up healthy, and well fed. My first purchase from here but definitely not my last….

  2. Brooke Lamparter (verified owner)

    Got him on June 7th and I LOVE HIM!! He’s so cute. A little shy but he’s warming up!

  3. moonwv73 (verified owner)

    Quick response, shipping went without incident, and the little guy arrived healthy. Great looking baby ball python.

  4. Shaun Irelan (verified owner)

    Arrived on time, in great shape and spirit!

  5. remeseugenio5 (verified owner)

    I love the packaging it came in. My snake is a beautiful color and came in with no stress or discomfort. I love this site and I recommend it for any reptiles you’re going to buy.

  6. Ann Martin (verified owner)

    My yellow belly came before expected, was packed well, and adapted to his enclosure quickly! Very active. Great snake!

  7. gabrielov04 (verified owner)

    My baby yellow belly came on the same day I purchased her. When I put her in her enclosure she was very active immediately. She is due to be fed later today and as of right now I have no doubts that she will eat. She has very cool and stunning colors and patterns. Also she is very calm. Before buying I was doing research on what the snake needed and kept coming across the fact that most babies were a little nippy and would try to bite you. When I put my hand in the bag I expected to get a bite but was not bitten and I was very surprised. She is very very docile and calm. 100% would recommend!

  8. lynzee.maunu (verified owner)

    Our yellow belly ball python is amazing. He acclimated to his enclosure very well. His color is stunning, of the highest quality and has clearly been well taken care of before coming to us. We will definitely be ordering more snakes in the future. Thank you for taking amazing care of the babies you produce!!

  9. arianagrande19.zc

    She’s so beautiful. Very curious and docile. Absolutely recommend providing homes for them! 🙂

  10. Elmer Davis (verified owner)

    Every ball we have bought from you has been of the highest quality.

  11. blynne031997 (verified owner)

    Love my new baby yellow belly. He came warm very well packed, very active and very friendly. I can’t wait to purchase from here in the future.

  12. rachael.schierman (verified owner)

    My baby arrived quickly and safely. I’m giving a 3 star rating because she is VERY thin – her spine comes to a point (not rounded) and she definitely has some loose skin. It is still too soon for her first feed, but I am definitely a little worried about her taking a feed since she looks like she hasn’t fed in some time.

    • XYZReptiles

      Hello Rachel and thank you for your order and your review. Reptiles can lose up to 20% of their body weight during shipping due to dehydration. A quick soak will resolve the issue quickly.

  13. Vieboul Sok (verified owner)

    I loved it. They came well packed in a box and the animals are more beautiful than ever thought they would be. I will buy again. So beautiful, and I just got myself a regular ball python and a spider ball python.

  14. James Champion (verified owner)

    Friendly and active. Very satisfied.

  15. kimberly Klein (verified owner)

    Beautiful little girl. She arrived on time and In great condition. So sweet.

  16. Scott Wucsina (verified owner)

    Arrived fast thanks to the accurate tracking. I new exactly when she would arrive witch was a good thing since it was a chilly day. She was warm, active and friendly. Great colors and in great condition; would definitely buy again. My girlfriend who this was a present for was beyond happy with her. Thank you xyz, I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future!

  17. drtyrdr71 (verified owner)

    Our yellow belly ball shipped safely and quickly. She is super sweet, docile, healthy and just gorgeous. A++ rating for XYZ, already planning our next purchase from you!

  18. kamperjen (verified owner)

    My little one came the schedule delivery date. He’s very docile and calm. He’s so sweet so far. The only critique I have is Fedex left him outside and it’s chilly weather in my state and if I didn’t know the ETA he would of stayed out there and potentially died.

  19. daviddavis202 (verified owner)

    He came fine and I have a new healthy friend. Thanks Dave

  20. Meekinator (verified owner)

    I was on the fence about becoming a snake owner but my son really wanted one. So unlike my parents I decided to have an open mind and purchase a snake. We got a baby male yellow belly and he arrived 30 minutes before he was supposed to in perfect health and just ate his first mouse today. I have no complaints about the purchase process, no complaints about the snake or the company. Five stars all around from Justin and Wyatt!

  21. Alan Schild (verified owner)

    I bought my ball python and he’s doing good. He came healthy however FedEx took forever to deliver but no fault of the company. He spent the first day exploring his new home and then went into hiding where he spends most of his time which I’ve heard is a good sign. Really great company to buy your next pet.

  22. Rachel Albritton (verified owner)

    We are completely satisfied with our purchase! This little guy was a birthday present for our son and he’s so happy with him. He was a little cold when we unpacked him but that’s to be expected with the cooler temps we’ve had. He warmed right up and was super friendly. He is adjusting well and is very friendly. I am glad that we decided to use xyz and we will definitely be back when we’re ready to purchase again!

  23. Bradley (verified owner)

    Very docile excellent looking snake. Very friendly animal! Came to me very healthy with no mites or scale rot etc! Great fast service and they call the day before to make sure the order is accurate. I will make xyz my one stop shop for my reptiles.

  24. caity101 (verified owner)

    I got my yellow belly a couple of days ago and the packaging was great; the heat pad was still warm. She is beautiful and very sweet. I will definitely be ordering from here again.

  25. sirensongsapphire (verified owner)

    We got our YB male last week, and he’s been a real sweetheart. Very docile and absolutely beautiful coloring. He’s healthy, and shiny, and he’s eating well for us. Couldn’t be happier with him. Packaging was well done also. Thank you!

  26. Dianne (verified owner)

    I ordered a pair of these gorgeous babies and was not dissapointed!!!! Very docile and beautiful coloring!!!! Everything came perfect; they were warm and safely packaged. Will order from them again.

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