Adult Russian Tortoise

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Species: Agrionemys horsfeldii  Length: Approximately 4-5 inches Diet: Vegetation Image: Representative Image SKU:A5108Categories:
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Each adult Russian tortoise for sale is a light sandy color and comes from the steppes of Uzbekistan located between Russia and the Middle East. The males of the species tend to be slightly smaller than the females. Both ares gentle creatures that are commonly found as pet tortoises amongst tortoise lovers.. Our adult Russian tortoises for sale are healthy, well started specimens housed under optimal conditions.

12 reviews

  1. Robert Thibeault (verified owner)

    My new female Russian came a few days ago. She is great and her name is Natasha.

  2. Robert Thibeault (verified owner)

    He is wonderful. I named him Nickita.

  3. maykasayan (verified owner)

    My tortoise arrived overnight and I was amazed at how fast the shipping was. He is just hiding and burrowing a lot. Maybe in time he will adjust to his new enclosure.

  4. cherylfassbender (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with the Russian tortoise I purchased from you he is alert and healthy. He is such a delight I love him already.

  5. kim.matsinger (verified owner)

    Received him the other day and he’s perfect! He’s settling in nicely, hiding alot, but I’m sure in time he’ll adjust and be moving about his new home.

  6. Kristi Honeycutt (verified owner)

    It’s so sweet. Awesome pet we bought as a Christmas gift for my 7 year old daughter. Our whole family loves it so far but my daughter doesn’t know about it hopefully until Christmas. Customer service was great and shipping overnight was right on point. Thank you so much.

  7. Tracy Cunningham (verified owner)

    My Russian tortoise is perfect! Thank you for the great customer service!

  8. serenityvalkyrie5 (verified owner)

    I originally first placed an order for the Adult Russian Tortoise, but the next day when they posted Leopard tortoises in stock I asked if I could exchange. They were quick to respond and it was a smooth exchange process. When my Leopard tortoise didn’t arrive on the date it was suppose to I went into panic mode and messaged them that night, they responded the next morning and assured me that it will arrive the current day. XYZReptiles is an amazing, attentive company who care about their customers and reptiles. I would 100% purchase from them again!

  9. Bethany Ciofalo (verified owner)

    Everything was perfect! Husband and I did a lot of research before we decided to get our son a Russian Tortoise for his birthday. Purchasing was simple. XYZ checked Temps before shipping and let us know that it would be best for us to pick up at the FedEx Hub. When I picked up our little dude (now named Flash) he was alive and ready to explore. My son is completely enamored and has been up to the challenge and responsibility of caring for another being.

  10. Robert KOLDON (verified owner)

    I have worked with many stores in the pet trade over the years and I must say xyz is the best! Communication is always so important and these guys were right on the whole way thru. From ordering to receiving my happy tortoises was less than a day , it was a great experience.

  11. Matthew (verified owner)

    Our Russian tortoise arrived happy and healthy we named him Yury thanks

  12. barbara.tobin79 (verified owner)

    Quality of customer service and the health of these tortoises are all above all standards I have experienced. These Russian tortoises are the best I have ever seen as well as the prices of XYZ being the lowest. I highly recommend XYZ.

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