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Species: Centrochelys sulcata  Sex: Unsexed Length: 2-3 inches Diet: vegetation, prepared diet Image: Representative Image SKU:A5101Categories:
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If you are looking for  a sulcata tortoise for sale then this is exactly where you need to start looking. Each sulcata tortoise for sale is a young, healthy specimen that is housed under optimal conditions. The sulcata tortoise is also known as the African spurred tortoise. These gentle giants grow to be the third largest tortoise in the world.

Here are the top three largest tortoises on the planet:

  1. The Galapagos tortoise
  2. The Aldabra tortoise
  3. The African spurred (sulcata) tortoise

Each sulcata tortoise for sale is provided the best care possible to ensure you get a healthy well started pet.  If the sulcata gets bigger than what you are looking for, check out our other tortoises for sale. But if you are looking for a tortoise that grows to be rather large and impressive and you have the space to house this animal then you are in the right place.

Sulcata tortoise care

It is a mixed blessing to be in a position to provide sulcata tortoise care. It is both simple and specific at the same time, so following the rules is essential. The rules of caring for sulcata tortoises can be found in our reptile care section. That being said, here are a few basics for your review.

  1. Two of the most basic needs for proper sulcata tortoise care are humidity and lighting. Start on the right foot by acquiring both your heat lamp bulbs and UVB light bulbs from our reptile lights and heating supply category.
  2. The humidity issue is the easiest of all tortoises since sulcatas originiate from a harsh climate. This means that some fluctuations in humidity are acceptable and as long as you are not keeping them in muddy and damp conditions then the tortoise has everything it needs.
  3. The sulcata tortoise diet is also very important and starting your baby off with the correct nutrition is essential. This means that you will not need emergency veterinary care down the road from issues due to malnutrition and metabolic bone disease.

So get your products in place and have your enclosure set up before purchasing your new pet. This way the pet owning experience will be easier on both you and your new sulcata tortoise.

In Conclusion

Keeping and caring for tortoises as pets is thought to be by many similar to growing Bonsai. It is both a calming and enjoyable practice that will last you for a very long time. Tortoises enjoy interacting with their keepers and show both affection and recognition. With a little bit of time and care you will have a lifelong companion.

Feel confident that you have found your sulcata tortoise for sale right here at XYZReptiles. We are reputable company and a leader in the reptile pet space. We are your one stop shop for heating and lighting solutions as well as a balanced tortoise diet. We also offer a nice variety of other supplies for your new pet’s enrichment.

We advise you take the time to read our more in depth tortoise care sheet before making your final purchasing decision.

50 reviews

  1. bambermom5 (verified owner)

    Perfection. Healthy and lively little guy. Customer service is great. We are a reptile pet type of family and plan to add to ours again from XYZ. Thank you!

  2. Brandy Thompson (verified owner)

    Everything was great. My little tortoise came very quickly. I love him so darn much. I could not be more happy with my purchase. The entire process was great. Just wish I knew roughly how old my lil sulcata is.

  3. madeindade1992 (verified owner)

    We received our Sulcata happy and healthy. My daughter is so pleased. She has been wanting a tortoise for years now and I am so grateful I could get it from such a good company. Thank you!

  4. Regan Dupuy (verified owner)

    My hatchling arrived in perfect health and wasn’t afraid to come out of his shell the moment I took him out of the box. He is doing great; exploring his enclosure and digging holes.

  5. Tiffany Marie Perez (verified owner)

    Our tortoise arrived alive and healthy! It has been happily eating, enjoying the soak baths, exploring the terrarium, and already burrowing. Thank you for the smooth transaction and communication!

  6. brandylewellyn (verified owner)

    My baby arrived healthy and happy. He has been such a great addition to the family! We love him so much!

  7. Chester Miles (verified owner)

    Love the little guy. He is super friendly and loves his new home. Delivery was early the next morning. Super fast and professional.

  8. millerhilltopranch (verified owner)

    Arrived active and hungry, THANKS XYZ!

  9. Thalia Autry (verified owner)

    The hatchling is perfect. Arrived active and curious. I’m in love already.

  10. Jordan Ziobron (verified owner)

    My hatchling arrived full of energy and hungry! He/she looks to be in perfect health, was super curious of us, not afraid or stressed at all from the journey. Thank you guys so much, I’m so excited to have this forever family member!

  11. David Lynds (verified owner)

    XYZ always sends my orders fast and always correct. Great company.

  12. David Lynds (verified owner)

    XYZReptiles has been incredible. I purchased a baby Sulcata Tortoise. They overnight shipped it and I got it just when they said I would. They have answered the phone each time I’ve called, are always polite and very informative. They have great customer service and I’ll recommend XYZ to everyone. The baby Sulcatas are very active and fun to watch. Thank you so much XYZ.

  13. andrea johnson (verified owner)

    My baby arrived on schedule! Was happy and moving around in the box.. when I called they had no problems with me asking questions or texting me info I need… I’m very happy with my baby and I’m looking forward to getting him a friend soon.

  14. Allison Caley (verified owner)

    My baby Arrived right on schedule! He started eating right away and drank some water. I’ve had him for 3 days and he is doing great!(not sure if it’s a he). The price was great compared to other places and the baby seems to be in great health!

  15. Raul Herrera (verified owner)

    Received my two baby Sulcata tortoises two days ago. I am so happy with my purchase from XYZReptiles! They came packaged individually in their small containers, which was awesome. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with two shipping together. But I’m completely satisfied. They arrived on time as per the email, and I really liked how I was contacted after delivery. So far, both sulcatas are in great shape! Super active and friendly. I love them already!

  16. Rachel Cascio (verified owner)

    Easy transaction. Arrived on time. So far, the tortoise appears to be adjusting well.

  17. tiffanychaney20 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and in such great shape, so active and entertaining. I had no problems getting a hold of the staff with a question… or two. Just a overall great experience!

  18. kimberly Klein (verified owner)

    He/she came the next day. Was active right away and eating. Came in great shape.

  19. Joseph Davidowicz (verified owner)

    Wonderful service. Was six hours late but that’s on FedEx. Active and hungry. Couldn’t be happier with my first tortoise.

  20. serenityvalkyrie5 (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with my Sulcata! It arrived on time safely.

  21. Todd Leske (verified owner)

    Very cool tortoise, will most likely buy again. I was not disappointed at all. ?

  22. tommylablanc89 (verified owner)

    This is our 4th reptile that we have ordered from Xyzreptiles. Just like the other 3 we are completely satisfied. Our Sulcata Tortoise came packaged great and very friendly out of the box. We got it for our daughter and she absolutely loves her Tortoise. This has been our exclusive website for purchasing reptiles. I have recommended to a few different people I know that have also ordered from you guys. Thank you Xyzreptiles for another great pet.

  23. duy le (verified owner)

    Great, sturdy shipping box. It’s healthy and extremely cute. Thank you very much xyzreptiles. I am extremely satisfied with this product.

  24. Brandon Athos (verified owner)

    Great and happy tortoise!

  25. Katelyn Angle (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase from XYZreptiles. Ordered on a Sunday, arrived Tuesday as expected. The tortise came right out of it’s shell and began walking all over us. I expected it to be scared at first but it wasn’t. Only thing I wish would’ve been different (very minor), was maybe a little more info on the tortise in the package…including birth date and basic care instructions for first time owners. I want to know all I can about my new little friend! Would definitely purchase from here again.

  26. mary.k.davies (verified owner)

    I am so incredibly happy. The tortoise is amazing. You can already see a lot of personality come out in the tortoise. Only thing I wish I knew is the sex of the tortoise. Other than that everything went incredibly smooth and received everything the next day and trust me it makes me so happy.

  27. connorsmith2313 (verified owner)

    Quick and responsive customer service, and very fast shipping. Ours came in the next morning. Active, healthy and hungry. Will definitely do business with XYZ again.

  28. kimberly Klein (verified owner)

    The little guy came the next day , in great condition and ready to eat. Settled in nicely. Always a pleasure to do business with xyzrepitles.

  29. joseph somers (verified owner)

    Just received my baby Sulcata tortoise and it was very active and healthy when I received it. It was professionally packaged and I would definitely recommend XYZ REPTILES!

  30. kimberly Klein (verified owner)

    The sulcata came The next morning as promised from FedEx. In great shape, active, and ate soon after arrival. Another wonder purchasing experience.

  31. Mike Santa Cruz (verified owner)

    Health awesome Sulcata…thanks XYZReptiles

  32. Greg Hatcher (verified owner)

    Our sulcata was perfect , everything we thought it would be!

  33. LAM LE (verified owner)

    They are all alive and well.

  34. Matthew Pudsey (verified owner)

    I could not be happier with XYZ!! Shipping went very well considering some unique hurtles and this team pulled it off like pros! The animal arrived safely, packaged well for cold climates, and is a beauty. Thank you all for your amazing efforts and I look forward to purchasing my reptiles from you in the future. Special shout out to Josh for keeping in constant communication and really representing the company well!!!

  35. Lisa Pletcher (verified owner)

    My baby arrived all the way out to AZ. Was a little cold so I immediately got him warmed up on a heating pad and light. After a hour or so he wandered around and found his food started scarfing it down. He also started climbing over things in his tank to the point I had to remove a lot of decor. He was very active on and off all day. Soaked him and he pooped. Seems to be very healthy! Thank you XYZ!

  36. Tamara Southworth (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with my baby tortoise. He was very much ready to be out of the box when he arrived. Bright eyed and active!

  37. aliciadeans (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my experience with xyz will definitely be making future purchases from them!!

  38. mandicrockett69 (verified owner)

    My wife is Super happy with her sulcata, He is very healthy and was very active within 15 minutes of arrival. Excellent Service

  39. ellabc (verified owner)

    Baby sulcatas arrived bright eyed and happy. Customer service was great – we had to wait a bit to ship due to low temps in my area and the team was friendly, responsive, and quick to ship once temps warmed up. Tortoises are doing great, they are eating and drinking and exploring their enclosure. My experience thus far has been excellent and the animals seem happy and healthy – would recommend!

  40. altibbetts (verified owner)

    Super happy with my sulcata, He is very healthy and was eating within 15 minutes of arrival. Excellent Service

  41. durtyerktd2 (verified owner)

    Sulcata was exactly what I wanted and was in perfect condition and unharmed! Will order from them again!!

  42. Quoc Tu (verified owner)

    Placed ordered late Tuesday night. Received my two little sulcata Thursday morning half hour before expected delivery time. Speedy delivery. Heat pack was still warm to the touch. Overall I had a good experience with XYZ reptiles. Will be ordering from them in the future.

    Q. Tu

  43. Evaristo Saldivar (verified owner)

    Received my three tortoises in perfect condition as expected. They ate minutes after being put in their habitat. I was very happy with their size and all around health. I have been ordering every month and look forward to ordering leopard tortoises next month. I am so impressed with the livestock I will not order from anyone else.

    Evaristo Saldivar

  44. Charles Bailey (verified owner)

    My little tortoise arrived quickly and healthy. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase from XYZReptiles.

  45. kim (verified owner)


  46. Gary (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 sulcata tortoises. They arrived on time and were bright eyed and ready to get out and move around! I was a little worried to have these guys/girls shipped with the tempature being below freezing here in Missouri but they were packaged well enough and with the fast delivery they arrived safely. They’re doing great! They are very active and my family absolutely loves them! Plus you can’t beat the price! Even with the shipping cost they were still cheaper than the local pet stores by a long shot! We will definitely be ordering from xyzreptiles again in the future!

  47. Jessica (verified owner)

    Very quick… the little dude was a Christmas gift and is already a huge hit. Delivery and shipping were seamless…
    Prices were the best I found for age/size and buying local would have cost me at least 2x more including the price I paid for shipping.

  48. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I have purchased two other tortoises from other locations and honestly I want to kick myself in the butt for it (Yet I love my torts!) because XYZReptiles has amazing prices, and fast low cost shipping as well as having killer customer service! I couldn’t be happier. My sulcata arrived bright eyed and ready to get out and move and boy does she/he move! She/he is adjusting fine…. she/he is enjoying her/his indoor yard! Thank you so much for making this joyful and knowing when to calm a crazy nervous pet mama 🙂 when I buy our Jackson’s Chameleon, I will buy here!

  49. Zachary (verified owner)

    Very pleased:)

  50. akashaangelic (verified owner)

    Everything happened so quick! I am very pleased with my tortoise and might I add he is very happy as well! Thank you XYZReptiles!

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