Tortoise Diet

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Our XYZReptiles tortoise diet is a nutritious and properly blended mixture that is ideal for tortoises of all sizes. With this diet at your disposal you can save lots of money on unused and spoiled greens. Another great use for this tortoise diet is having it compliment a mixture of fresh greens. With a proper blend of both foods your tortoise will have a healthy and happy life.  In addition to having the right nutrition we also recommend the optimal tortoise lighting and heating. Our lighting and heating category has a number of choices for tortoises and setups of different sizes. Also look in our bedding section for the correct substrate to use in your tortoise setup.

4 reviews

  1. Tiffany Marie Perez (verified owner)

    Our tortoise loves it!

  2. kimberly Klein (verified owner)

    My tortoises love it!

  3. gabriel4man (verified owner)

    My new pet tortoise absolutely loves this! She eats it all up every feeding time.

  4. Jessica Brown (verified owner)


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