Sunkissed Corn Snake

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Species: Pantherophis guttatus  Sex: Unsexed Length: Approximately 14-16 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4730Categories:
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The beautiful baby Sunkissed corn snake are mostly orange and red in color. These colubrids are from the Eastern parts of North America. Our baby Sunkissed corn snakes for sale are very healthy babies. They are feeding on frozen-thawed fuzzy mice weekly.

These snakes get their name due to their bright coloration which is a result of a hypomelanistic gene where the black coloration is greatly reduced. This recessive mutation has been mixed with other genes for great results. For example the Honey corn snake is a combination of the recessive caramel gene and the recessive sunkissed gene. They ship overnight with a live arrival guarantee!

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Sunkissed Corn Snake Care

Sunkissed corn snake care is very similar to any other medium size colubrid snake. We recommend using a small terrarium usually ten to fifteen gallons. You can add our corn snake habitat setup to any purchase and have everything you need for inside your terrarium.

The setup includes an under tank heating pad, bedding, water bowl, hide spot, a vine, a collapsible snake hook, moss and a digital thermometer. Simply add these products to your terrarium and you are all set. Once your snake is set up and comfortable we recommend feeding one to two frozen fuzzy mice per week.  This will ensure they are healthy and growing at a normal pace.

Minimum things you will need for proper care. Our habitat setup includes all of these as well as some additional goodies.

  • Under Tank Heater
  • Bedding
  • Water Bowl
  • Hide Spot
  • Digital Thermometer

2 reviews

  1. nikkileelowe (verified owner)

    Beautiful sunkissed snake. Arrived alive and very alert. Would definitely order again and recommend.

  2. Stephanie Nicole (verified owner)

    Finding my first corn snake was so easy with XYZ reptiles. My sweet little corn was perfect when he arrived. I will defenitly be getting another corn from this company.

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