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The Search For Quality Live Insects For Sale Online

live insects for sale

After you have selected and purchased the perfect reptile pet and prepared the correct housing for your new pet, it is time to feed it the right diet to ensure a long and healthy life. The search for quality live insects for sale online can take new owners on a wild ride to new vendors and unknown locations on this quest for food. It is good to know what your pets’ diet consists of in the wild and what you should be feeding it at your home. It is also good to know where to get and how to keep the live feeder insects that your new pet is going to require on a daily and weekly basis.

The Dos and Don’ts Of Feeder Insects

Having been a reptile retail store owner for over twenty years I have seen a number of ridiculous things but some things seem to be too ridiculous even for the average reptile owner. One of the number of rookie mistakes reptile keepers make is housing the food they feed their pets. When it comes to live feeder insects, most people think that some sort of magic keeps their crickets and worms alive indefinitely. What I keep emphasizing to the customers is that a healthy and well fed food item translates over to a healthy and well fed pet. Gut loading feeder bugs is as important as heating and lighting for your lizards and other insect eating reptiles. Keeping your feeder insects clean, dry and well hydrated and well fed is of the utmost importance.

Finding Quality Live Insects For Sale Online

The amount of information that is offered to a new pet owner can sometimes be over whelming. Add to this the fact that you now have to find and care for the food that you feed your new reptile might push some busy moms and inexperienced youngsters over the edge. At xyzreptiles we have tried to take the guesswork out of caring for your favorite pet lizard by offering a variety of quality live insects for sale online. We have also extended our industry leading live arrival guarantee to our growing list of live feeder insects. All of this offered with a no added shipping policy and multiple item discount. If you have any questions regarding what you should feed your animals or how to set up and care for their food feel free to reach out to us.

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