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Verified Customer Reviews

Chawan Fitzgerald
caldendar iconMarch 30, 2020

Boa is super healthy and arrived in great timing.... Read more

Miranda Klus
caldendar iconMarch 28, 2020

As a new snake owner I was completely new to this process and was so happy when I found out I could track my baby’s whereabouts. She came almost an hour early and in wonderful condition. I’m absolutely in love with her and look foreword to watchi... Read more

Arianna Brown
caldendar iconMarch 28, 2020

My baby lemon blast came directly on time! She’s beautiful and feisty. Definitely going to be a returning customer.... Read more

Tammy Daughtery
caldendar iconMarch 27, 2020

My new Boa arrived in perfect condition. He is gorgeous and very healthy. The owner was great and provided me with a picture of my snake a day before he arrived. Would definitely recommend and will order again in the near future.... Read more

Geckos for Sale

There are many different species of geckos for sale online. The reptile market has seen an influx of captive born geckos including leopard geckos, crested geckos, gargoyle geckos, tokay geckos and leaf tailed geckos. We carry all of these gecko species as well as the many different color morphs of each one. Gecko health and quality comes first when we choose which breeders we work with and use to supply our customers so rest assured you are purchasing a quality, healthy animal.

Buy Gecko Morphs

When you are looking to buy gecko morphs as either pets or future breeders it is important to know the genetic background as well as the husbandry involved in the raising of your animals. At xyzReptiles we work with breeders that specialize in the captive breeding of many different gecko species and many different color morphs of said species. Gecko morphs are a trending part of the reptile industry and we are happy to be able to offer hundreds of different rare and exciting animals for sale.

Exotic and Rare Geckos for Sale

It is also becoming more popular for reptile keepers to look for exotic and rare geckos for sale. We have been working with local and national breeders as well as exotic reptile farms overseas to bring you some exciting color morphs of the tokay gecko and many others. When available these rare and one of a kind animals will be listed on our investment animals page. Geckos are an easy to keep and hard to resist reptile, so get ready to welcome a few to your reptile family.


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