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DeMarcus Johnson
caldendar iconFebruary 18, 2019

My female baby Pastel Ball Python is beautiful and a little bigger than I thought. No issues at all and I like that there's a little card that gives you the date she was born and an explanation on what she's feeding on now and the day. I plan on orde... Read more

Matt Adams
caldendar iconFebruary 16, 2019

I was at work when my boa arrived so my wife was home, she said the snake crawled out of the bag as soon as she opened it, like she wanted to be held. It's been two days since she arrived and feels perfectly at home. Very curious and very sweet! My r... Read more

Brennan Lucas
caldendar iconFebruary 14, 2019

Oh my goodness! I ordered some feeder crickets and was blown away! At first I was skeptical, I really thought most of them would be dead when I got them. That was not the case. I received them in a very timely manner and had very MINIMAL loss. When I... Read more

Chaston Anderson
caldendar iconFebruary 14, 2019

This has to be the best service I have ever had dealing with reptiles. Xyzreptiles really cares about the animals they provide and making customers happy! The beautiful boa they sent me is just phenomenal it's so hard to just leave her in the cage be... Read more

Lizards for Sale

When searching for lizards for sale on our site you will encounter a large selection of animals ranging from the small grass lizard to the impressive and rare sailfin lizard. Unlike snakes and turtles, lizards are a very active and at most times an interactive group of animals that have been known to recognize their keepers. They live in a diverse set of environments that include the tree canopy, the forest floor and even underground.

Rare and Exotic Lizards for Sale

Rare and exotic lizards for sale covers a large group of animals in the reptile trade. We have a healthy selection that ranges in price from the moderate to the more expensive rare and exotic animals. Rare lizards include the hard to get species like the shingle back skink while exotic lizards are the likes of panther and parson’s chameleons. The right setup is the best way to ensure a long and healthy life for your pet so make sure to read up on the animal you are about to purchase on our blog under the reptile care category.

Buy Lizards Online

People that buy lizards online should be prepared for a unique pet keeping experience that is like no other. Pet lizards will be the center of the household in no time and generate countless hours of entertainment and personal enjoyment. The perfect diet and proper lighting for your pet will ensure a lifetime of stress free interaction and save you money by avoiding trips to the veterinarian’s office.