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Reptile UVB Lights

Find the perfect reptile UVB light for you reptile lighting needs. We offer a full selection of UVB lights for reptiles including 5.0, 10.0 and 15.0 reptile UVB light bulbs. Pair one of our UVB bulbs and our heat bulbs together to create the perfect full spectrum environment for your pet. Providing UVB light is essential for your diurnal reptiles’ metabolic system. Remember to always keep an extra bulb on hand for emergencies.
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Verified Customer Reviews

Catherine Graves
caldendar iconNovember 07, 2020

The light is better for him. He has been moving more since I got him and he is still exploring his home.... Read more

Peter Files
caldendar iconApril 09, 2020

It lights up but a little dim. Would be best in a small enclosure.