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Researching Pet Lizards for Sale Online

pet lizards for sale

As a morally conscientious future reptile pet owner it is always a great idea to research the history of the animal in question as well as the living requirements that need to be met before purchasing. Pet lizards make great reptile companions and are much more interactive than snakes and some other terrarium pets but they also have greater needs and potential complications. This article is intended to answer some of the basic questions that you may have before deciding on the right species for you.

Benefits of Bearded Dragons as Pets

One of the most common pet lizards that we sell and accommodate at our shop is the bearded dragon. These once exotic Australian lizards are bred in masse in the United States and abroad for the reptile pet trade. They are extremely personable creatures with a high tolerance of human interaction and once their basic needs are met, they can live very long and healthy lives in captivity. One of their basic needs happens to be proper lighting and heating. Another basic need is a well-balanced diet of insects and vegetation with a regular ration of calcium powder and vitamins. When you set your pet bearded dragon up the right way, maintenance and cleaning become much simpler resulting in an overall positive experience for both you and the lizard.

Do Iguanas Make Good Pets

Another pet lizard found regularly in American households is the common green iguana. Many people want to start with Iguanas as pets due to their relatively inexpensive price. Much like the Bearded Dragon, the Green Iguana has some very specific lighting and heating needs. They also tend to outgrow most commercially available housing units so a bit of outdoor space and the ability to provide large enclosures is a must. Once you have fulfilled these requirements it is not uncommon to see Iguanas live in captivity into their teens and twenties.

Can Tegus be Kept as Pets

A third type of lizard that has been seen in the pet trade recently is the Tegu. Tegus were once imported from Colombia and Paraguay as pets but with the discovery of the Albino Tegu and the captive propagation of the Blue, Red and Black and white Tegus many different captive born animals can be found for sale today. Although they do not grow as large as the Green Iguana most Tegus can and will get rather large and heavy. It is important to note the proper lighting and heating as well as cage requirements for this reptile. Once these needs have been met Tegus are easy to care for and feed due to their omnivorous diet. There is also a range of canned and prepared foods that are available on the market today for your pet Tegu.

Finding These and Other for Sale Online

The final challenge is finding the right animal at the right price and have it delivered to you in excellent health. At xyzReptiles we have a large room dedicated to our pet lizards where they are kept in the largest enclosures possible with the correct heating and UVB lighting for each species. We also feed our pet lizards a varied diet of insects, rodents, fresh veggies and fruit as well as a regular dusting of calcium and vitamins. Once you have selected your reptile pet it will be properly packed and shipped to you overnight in our insulated boxes with our Live Arrival Guarantee. We know that you will be satisfied with our product line, our knowledge and our customer service and support.

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