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Should Pet Boas For Sale Eat Live Or Frozen Prey?

Should boas for sale eat live or frozen prey

Boas for sale make great pets! Not only are they unique, but they’re also fun to have. A question many novice snake owners ask is whether their pet boas for sale should eat live or frozen prey. The biggest misconception is that captive pet boas will only eat live prey. The thought behind that is wild boas eat live prey, so why wouldn’t captive-bred bred boas for sale? Eating live prey might be more natural for a wild animal, but the boas for sale you buy from online pet stores were never wild to begin with.

It’s better if you feed your pet boa frozen-thawed prey. It’s much safer for the snake and less traumatic on the prey item. If the boa isn’t hungry, it won’t eat the food and that is the end of that. This way you don’t risk another live animal in your snake’s enclosure. When left unattended, the other small animal could become stressed and attack the snake. Or they might fight back during a feeding and can cause minor injuries to your boa. An animal’s teeth and claws can damage the area near the snake’s mouth, eyes can get punctured and more. You are responsible for the well-being and health of your pets and that means feeding them properly. It’s actually better to feed pet boas for sale frozen prey that’s been thawed and warmed a bit.

All Boa Morphs Can Be Fed Frozen Prey

It doesn’t matter what pet boa you choose, opt to feed it frozen prey. Despite all the boa morphs available to owners these days, all are the same when it comes to feeding. Some snake species in the pet trade are lizard and amphibian eaters, but boas are not one of them. Feed them frozen prey items to avoid all potential problems. When looking at different boa morphs, research if they eat small, medium or large rodents so that you know what sort of food to buy them. But you might also be able to convert a non-rodent eating snake into eating mice and rats.

Why Buy Pet Kenyan Sand Boas?

Out of all the boa morphs, the pet Kenyan sand boa for sale is perfect for owners not looking for a large snake. It’s one of the smallest boas in the world. An adult female Kenyan Sand Boa for sale rarely reaches 36” in length and the males are even smaller. These snakes like to burrow in the substrate, which can be either paper, aspen or sand and eat frozen prey. You’ll love how easy they are to raise!

Where Can You Find Reptiles For Sale?

If you’re wondering where’s a good place to buy boas for sale, look no further than XYZReptiles! As a premier online pet store, we pride ourselves on our wide variety of reptiles for sale. Besides boas for sale, we offer other snake species, as well as lizards and tortoises. All of our reptiles for sale are healthy and fed when we ship them to your front door!

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