How To Successfully Feed Exotic Lizards

May 17th, 2018 by

Exotic lizards make great pets. Depending on the reptiles for sale you prefer, you don’t even need much experience to own one for the first time. They provide a fun challenge to their owners and constantly surprise with their agility and personality. When it comes to their diet, however, not all lizards are alike. Their preferences and frequency can vary depending on size, age, and type. xyzReptiles offers a variety of exotic lizards for sale in great health. With the right diet, these healthy reptiles will live a long, happy  life.

Feeding Iguanas

The Blue Iguana is mostly a herbivore and relies mainly on flowers, fruit, and other plants. It’s not impossible to see a Blue Iguana eating different protein like crabs, fungi, or slugs; but it is rare. As babies, iguanas must be fed daily and misted each morning to encourage their appetite. The early stage is when including variety in their diet is important. Doing so will improve their development and help them grow properly. Also, remember that although it is possible for an iguana to develop a taste for common household snacks, resist the urge to feed them anything but dark leafy greens and fruit.

Feeding Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons have a more balanced diet that consists of both animals and plants. Their ratio, however, changes as they get older. When they’re young, beardies need more bugs than plants (about 80/20, respectively). By the time they’re adults, their dietary needs shift and become more plant-based than bugs and insects (80/20 respectively). Don’t be surprised if your beardie doesn’t take to vegetables right away. Continue insisting so that you help build a varied diet for your pet. Take note that when these exotic lizards are young, they may confuse substrate for food and accidentally ingest some. Because of this, you’ll want to feed the young ones away from substrate, possibly in a separate enclosure.

Feeding Geckos

The Leopard Gecko is all about the insects. You won’t have to worry about getting it any veggies or plants, just meal worms and crickets. Keep their feed small, avoiding mice, and give it a boost with a method called gut loading. This is a process where you give the insects a nutritious powdered diet before feeding it to you Leopard. There is another method called dusting where you take the insects and coat them with a dusting powder. These supplements are easy to give to your gecko and it will willingly lick up as much as its body needs.

Find These Exotic Lizards For Sale

With so many lizards for sale online, you should choose a trusted source that lets you buy lizards online with the confidence that they’re healthy and will exceed expectations. xyzReptiles has been the source for lizards for sale, including many types or rare and exotic lizards, for years. If you’re looking to buy lizards online, browse our selection and have it shipped to you safely.

Why Our Reptiles For Sale Make The Best Pets

March 20th, 2018 by

When most people think about buying their first pets, reptiles for sale at their local pet store probably isn’t their first choice. But once you understand what makes reptiles the best pets, you’ll start searching for a new scaly friend in no time. We all know that dogs and cats make great pets. But no one ever mentions how great owning a reptile can be. So let’s see what makes them great pets.

Your choices are practically unlimited.

When it comes to reptiles, you have an unbelievably wide range of animals to choose from. It’s not only because of the countless species, but also the different combinations (or morphs) you can find. Morphs are really just a combination of two reptiles from the same species, which makes for beautiful patterns and coloration. They vary in size and temperament which makes your search for the perfect reptile pet even more fun! Regardless of what your preferences are, you can certainly find a reptile for sale that fits your lifestyle.

They can be low maintenance.

Unlike cats and dogs that need walking and training, reptiles only require handling and the usual feeding. Of course, there are some reptiles for sale that require more maintenance and time than others, so make sure you understand the needs of your reptile pet before you purchase it. For the most part, all they need is the right diet, lighting, and heating.

They make great companions.

You might be surprised to know just how much some reptiles enjoy the company of humans. Tortoises, for example, follow their owners around and hang out beside them. The bearded dragon is a naturally social reptile that loves the company of humans, too. Once you get used to handling your new pet, keeping each other company will become second nature.

Our Reptiles Are Shipped Safely

We know the shipping process can be stressful for reptiles so at xyzReptiles, we make it as smooth as possible for them. Before shipping, we consider weather conditions to make sure your pet arrives comfortably; you can even choose to pick them up at a convenient location or have your reptile shipped right to your door. With our Live Arrival Guarantee, we get our reptiles for sale to you in peak condition.

Our Reptiles For Sale Are Bred For Quality

As reptile lovers ourselves, we make sure that the reptiles for sale that we offer are of the best quality. We owe it to our customers to provide reptiles for sale that are in great health and either bred by us or sourced from professional breeders that we trust and have worked with for years, so you can have an experience with your reptile that exceeds your expectations.

Meet The Popular Lizards For Sale At xyzReptiles

December 23rd, 2017 by

Here at xyzReptiles, we carry a wide variety of lizards for sale for all enthusiasts. Our exotic lizards are especially popular since we have a great selection for people of all experience levels to find something they’ll enjoy.

All of our reptiles are raised under optimum conditions to start you off with a healthy and lively reptile. If you’re not exactly sure which one might be best, keep on reading. These are the most popular lizards for sale and what you need to know about them.

Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are known for their variety of colors and sizes so finding one that will suit your lifestyle is easy. They’re great for beginners and are usually friendly by nature, never really showing signs of aggression. Even if they’re frightened, they’ll usually just freeze and puff their throats. With another beardie present, you might catch yours bobbing its head as a sign of dominance or waving its arm.

Young bearded dragons need more insects than greens but you’ll still want to keep vegetables and non-citrus fruits available. Their diets change as they grow, moving away from insects and more towards plants.

Fun fact about bearded dragons: Unlike some lizards, they don’t regrow their limbs. So if a tail is gone, it’s gone forever.


Chameleons are widely known for their ability to change colors. What you might not know is that they do so, not only to camouflage themselves from predators, but also to absorb more heat. One of their most recognizable features is their curved tails and protruding eyes which move independently. Captive bred chameleons are probably best because they’re acclimated to the conditions and are less likely to be stressed.

Chameleons can be easily stressed or dehydrated, especially females. Make sure when you’re shopping for one that it looks healthy and active, with a good overall color. In general, chameleons can be high maintenance so it’s best to get one if you have experience with keeping reptiles as pets.

Fun fact about chameleons: A chameleons tongue can be up to one and a half times the length of its body.

Monitor Lizards

The monitors lizard is growing in popularity as a household pet, but it’s not for everyone. Keep in mind that monitor lizards are not recommended for a beginner. Some grow over seven feet long and are known to be aggressive. You can, however, develop a bond with these animals. Owners usually take them for walks on a leash and get wide-eyed stares from strangers.

Although they can be aggressive if not properly handled, they’re generally mild tempered in captivity and enjoy burrowing and hiding under rocks. You also want to consider that these animals are carnivores so you need to be okay with feeding them pre-killed prey, like rodents.

Fun fact about monitor lizards: They have a higher metabolism rate, meaning they need to eat more often than most lizards.

Understanding the Needs of Your Bearded Dragon

December 6th, 2017 by

If you’re a fan of reptiles, then you’ve most likely had your eye on a bearded dragon at least once in your life. These friendly and social reptiles, also known as “beardies”, love being handled but its important to know the amount of responsibility that comes with owning a bearded dragon.

Before you pick up one of these lizards for sale, make sure that you understand the needs of your bearded dragon so that the two of you can have a happy relationship. Bearded dragons can live up to 15 years, so consider this long-term commitment before buying bearded dragon lizards for sale.

What to Expect From a Bearded Dragon

By nature, the bearded dragon is a pretty easy-going reptile. They’re incredibly curious, always watching with clear, alert eyes. During the day, they’ll be awake and should either be basking, eating, climbing, or just moving around. A lack of activity is a sign that they’re not getting the proper amount of light or heat, so you may need to adjust accordingly.

Handling your bearded dragon is a great way to establish a relationship and get to know its body language. Bearded dragons should be handled daily for at least half an hour. They can roam freely in secured environments or be just as content sitting on their owner’s shoulder and hanging out with them. As you can probably tell, they’re a very low-maintenance pet in comparison to other exotic reptiles.

When handling a bearded dragon, it’s important to remember good hygiene practices. Although these are very welcoming critters, bearded dragons can carry diseases with them which can be passed on to humans, like salmonella. Always wash your hands with antibacterial soap after handling a bearded dragon.

What Does a Bearded Dragon Need to Survive?

Make your bearded dragon feel at home with a few key considerations.

Its habitat should be spacious enough where it can fit comfortably. Bearded dragons typically grow between 12 and 24 inches long. A tank up to 70 gallons should be enough but keep in mind that as the beardie grows, it may need more space and a larger tank. Keep the tank clear of any excrement to maintain good quality of life for your reptile. Make sure you have proper bedding for your dragon and a screen for the enclosure, as well.

Another way to make your bearded dragon feel at home is with the right lighting and temperature. Use UVB lighting to prevent bone and growth deformities and keep the tank at 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll also want to keep a separate area between 105 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit for basking. These lizards love heat!

When it comes to food, you should treat your beardie as you would any other household pet. Regular and consistent feeding is essential, especially for the babies. Keep a shallow dish for water easily accessible to your dragon and provide a mixture of vegetables and insects in their diet. Younger bearded dragons should eat more insects than adults. Once they mature, you can expand their diet to include silkworms, earthworms, and mealworms along with green, leafy vegetables and fruit.

Now that you understand the basic needs of a bearded dragon, you should have a better idea of whether or not this reptile is right for you. See our selection of lizards for sale and get your very own dragon for a low-maintenance and gratifying pet.

The many colorful phases of the pet bearded dragon and where they come from

April 12th, 2016 by

The bearded dragon has come a long way from a dark grey animal when it first became available in the US market. There have not been any dragons legally exported out of Australia for decades so the range of complex colors and patterns available on the market today can all be traced back to the hard work of dedicated keepers line breeding this spiky yet friendly pet lizard. There have been strides made in developing color and pattern mutations as well as size and scale modifications. Although some of the more exotic mutations like albinos and melanistic dragons are still locked away behind red tape and government regulations there are plenty of different great looking animals to choose from if you’re in the market for a pet dragon.

Sourcing Bearded Dragons for Sale

Bearded dragons for sale come from a multitude of different sources. There are huge breeding operations set up across the US as well as Europe and South America. These breeding farms tend to concentrate on numbers rather than any one particular mutation or mutations but they tend to supply the chain stores that keep the public’s demand for starter dragons met. There are also small businesses that produce 100-3000 dragons a year. These facilities are usually started by enthusiastic pet owners that had good luck producing a few dragons and expanded their hobby into a business. Finally there are the mom and pop dragon keepers that had an accidental or intentional breeding and after a brief lesson in incubation will tend to have enough hatchling lizards to supply their friends and kid’s classmates with their first reptile pet.

The Progression of Bearded Dragon Morphs

The question of what and where to buy when it comes to bearded dragon morphs can be easily answered with a brief search of what is available on the market today. Some of the earliest morphs like Sand fire, Hypo and Citrus bearded dragons have now been spread throughout the gene pool and are considered normal baby lizards by most breeders. The more advanced morphs like the Dunner, Translucent and Leatherback bearded morphs have also been combined with other genetic traits to make designer morphs that accentuate and liven up the colors and patterns of the basic yellow to orange colored animals. Lately with the availability of Witblits and Zero Beardeds the envelope has been pushed even further to change or remove pattern and effect subtle aspects of the animals look like eye color, smooth scales and clear nails.

Weather you’re looking for a unique new pet lizard or have been a keeper for a while and need to find the right genetic mutation to add to your colony, xyzReptiles is the place for you. We have a dedicated bearded dragon section and with the help of some great local breeders we are working to bring you a variety of animals with diverse genetics at great prices. We have animals for sale that have been handpicked for great color and pattern and housed in small groups to reduce the effects of stress on your new pet. We also are available to discuss breeding strategies as well as set up and maintenance of your pet dragon.