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The many colorful phases of the pet bearded dragon and where they come from

bearded dragon

The bearded dragon has come a long way from a dark grey animal when it first became available in the US market. There have not been any dragons legally exported out of Australia for decades so the range of complex colors and patterns available on the market today can all be traced back to the hard work of dedicated keepers line breeding this spiky yet friendly pet lizard. There have been strides made in developing color and pattern mutations as well as size and scale modifications. Although some of the more exotic mutations like albinos and melanistic dragons are still locked away behind red tape and government regulations there are plenty of different great looking animals to choose from if you’re in the market for a pet dragon.

Sourcing Bearded Dragons for Sale

Bearded dragons for sale come from a multitude of different sources. There are huge breeding operations set up across the US as well as Europe and South America. These breeding farms tend to concentrate on numbers rather than any one particular mutation or mutations but they tend to supply the chain stores that keep the public’s demand for starter dragons met. There are also small businesses that produce 100-3000 dragons a year. These facilities are usually started by enthusiastic pet owners that had good luck producing a few dragons and expanded their hobby into a business. Finally there are the mom and pop dragon keepers that had an accidental or intentional breeding and after a brief lesson in incubation will tend to have enough hatchling lizards to supply their friends and kid’s classmates with their first reptile pet.

The Progression of Bearded Dragon Morphs

The question of what and where to buy when it comes to bearded dragon morphs can be easily answered with a brief search of what is available on the market today. Some of the earliest morphs like Sand fire, Hypo and Citrus bearded dragons have now been spread throughout the gene pool and are considered normal baby lizards by most breeders. The more advanced morphs like the Dunner, Translucent and Leatherback bearded morphs have also been combined with other genetic traits to make designer morphs that accentuate and liven up the colors and patterns of the basic yellow to orange colored animals. Lately with the availability of Witblits and Zero Beardeds the envelope has been pushed even further to change or remove pattern and effect subtle aspects of the animals look like eye color, smooth scales and clear nails.

Weather you’re looking for a unique new pet lizard or have been a keeper for a while and need to find the right genetic mutation to add to your colony, xyzReptiles is the place for you. We have a dedicated bearded dragon section and with the help of some great local breeders we are working to bring you a variety of animals with diverse genetics at great prices. We have animals for sale that have been handpicked for great color and pattern and housed in small groups to reduce the effects of stress on your new pet. We also are available to discuss breeding strategies as well as set up and maintenance of your pet dragon.

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