How To Choose Boas For Sale As Pets

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If you’re looking for exotic pets, you might want to consider snakes as a very popular option. These non-traditional pets are great for keepers of all ages since they are easy to care for. Boas for sale in particular make amazing pets! They are beautiful reptiles that have long life spans and are easy to own. If you’re ready to take on the responsibility of owning snakes, here’s how to choose the best boas for sale as pets.

Choose From Various Boa Morphs

The great thing about buying boas for sale is that there are a variety of boa morphs to choose from! A boa’s morph is a genetically inheritable mutation that makes it different from a normal looking boa. Breeders use two boas with colors and patterns they find appealing and then breed them to create unique boas with desirable traits. There are dozens of different types of boa morphs, providing you plenty of options so that you find the perfect pet boa constrictor!

How To Buy Boa Constrictors For Sale

You’ll want to buy captive-bred boas constrictors for sale from reputable breeders. Wild caught snakes tend to be more stressed and are more prone to disease and parasites. They’ll also be more difficult to tame than boas constrictors for sale from breeders. You’ll also want to buy a healthy boa, too, which can be difficult to determine when buying it online without having seen the snake in person. However, buying boa constrictors for sale online from breeders with positive reviews will decrease the chances of you getting an unhealthy snake. Do a cursory exam of your boa as soon as it arrives at your front door. Check for signs of illness, including external parasites, bubbles being emitted from its nose, retained skin and mouth rot.

Other Reptiles For Sale To Consider As Pets

If you find that boas aren’t the right pets for you, you can always opt for a few other reptiles for sale as pets. Lizards are amazing options and are a lot less messy than cats or dogs. If you keep them clean and healthy, they can provide hours of interaction and fun. Ball pythons are another snake option if you think boas are too heavy and large for you. You can also purchase a tortoise if you’re looking for a quirky and untraditional pet. There are plenty of different reptiles for sale online to pick from. Just make sure you research each reptile pet you’re considering to ensure that you’ll be able to properly care for and handle them.

How To House Boas For Sale

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If you’re thinking about getting a pet snake, you should definitely consider boas for sale as they are a popular option. Boas make amazing pets for a number of reasons. Boas in general are slow snakes and don’t require daily feeding, which is what makes them so easy to own. Boa constrictors can actually survive an entire week (or more) on one feeding on a properly sized prey item. Snakes are popular pets and boa constrictors are highly sought after reptiles.

You should know that the boas for sale that you find will need some commitment and patience in order to have a long, healthy life. Boas require pet owners to have a controlled environment for them in a medium to large enclosure. Some boas for sale can reach large sizes, and they’ll need to be housed in an adequately sized home for optimal comfort and health.

Boa Constrictors For Sale Can Grow Quite Large

Before you decide to look for boa constrictors for sale, it’s good to know beforehand that these reptiles can grow quite large. They can be anywhere between 8’ to 10’ and live between 15-20 years. Owning a boa is a long-term commitment. However, boas are docile pets and solitary snakes. Baby boa constrictors can live in regular glass terrariums for the first year or two comfortably. Once some baby boa species start to reach adulthood, you’ll have to purchase a custom enclosure for them. You’ll be able to find an adequate enclosure online for most boa constrictors for sale or you can opt to have a custom one made.

The enclosure size for a boa constrictor will need to be around 6’ to 8’ or even larger depending on the boa species. It will need to be 2’ to 3’ wide and tall. You’ll need to make sure that you’ll  be able to maintain a high enough temperature for the snakes comfort and you will want it to be easy to clean. Boas also need hides to feel safe and secure, which include snake hides, half logs, or even dense plastic plants.

How To Buy Boas For Sale Online

Once you’ve made up your mind to own a snake, you’ll be able to find various constrictors for sale online fairly easy. A great way to ensure that you get a healthy snake is to find boas for sale online from well known sellers. Look for positive reviews on forums, their website, Google and social media. They’ll also have a professional website advertising their boas for sale online.

xyzReptiles Offers A Variety of Snakes For Sale

xyzReptiles is a reputable online reptile store, and we offer a variety of snakes for sale. We carry boas, pythons and colubrids, in addition to many other reptile pets for your choosing! Our secure website, next day delivery and live arrival guarantee make shopping for reptile pets online an enjoyable experience. Read our reviews and see what our verified customers are saying.

What Do Boas For Sale Eat?

August 28th, 2018 by

If you’re looking for snakes for sale as pets, you’re most likely doing as much research as you can. After all, you need to know what sort of pets snakes make to ensure you make the right choice. There are many snakes for sale that actually make great pets because they’re easy to care for and are unlike traditional pets. All they need are proper enclosures for their size, the right food and a few necessities to place in their enclosure.

The most common question when it comes to snakes for sale is what to feed them. Snakes normally eat rats or mice. Since pet snakes are carnivores, rats and mice are a balanced meal for them. However, there are some species that might also eat things like young rabbits, gerbils, chickens and guinea pigs. Some vets also recommend that some snakes are given frogs, insects, earthworms, eggs and other reptiles, too but not necessarily for the snakes commonly sold as pets.

Do Boa Constrictors For Sale Need Live Food?

If you’re particularly interested in boa constrictors for sale, you might wonder if they need live food. Feeding boa constrictors live rats and mice might be a bit hard to handle for some. If that’s the case, you should feed your boa pre-killed prey. If you feed your boa live prey, your snake might not eat it right away. When this happens, the prey can bite or gnaw at the snake as a way to protect itself. Look for boa constrictors for sale that are proven feeders and are eating frozen-thawed rats or mice instead. You can buy both live prey and frozen-thawed at many online reptile stores as well as at local pet shops depending on your preference. Remember when shopping different boas for sale you will need to also take the species into consideration when it comes to food items.

How Much Food Should You Give Boas For Sale?

Now if you have decided you want to feed your boa frozen prey, it’s time to address how much you should feed it. The amount of food boas need will depend on their age, size and species. When feeding boas, make sure that the prey isn’t bigger than half the diameter of the boa to help with digestion. You can ask your vet or a pet store employee the exact amount of food for the types of  boas for sale you are shopping for will need. You should feed boas whole prey. Since a boa’s jaw isn’t fused together, you don’t have to cut the food into smaller pieces. This allows boa constrictors to swallow their prey whole.

Do Pet Snakes For Sale Need Water?

Pet snakes for sale do need water in their enclosures. They drink water, but not very often. A large, shallow bowl of water will suffice. Pet snakes for sale might even soak it in and maybe relieve themselves in the bowl as well. Plus as a bonus the evaporation from the water will add humidity to the enclosure.

Your Top Choice When It Comes To Snakes For Sale

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Looking to make the right choice when it comes to buying snakes for sales? Snakes are beautiful creatures despite how many people from around the world feel about them. They also make great pets for those looking to care for a non-traditional pet. When it comes to the type of snakes for sale to buy, one of your top choices should be boas for sale. Pet snakes for sale are quickly becoming a popular choice for many pet owners looking for something more exotic. That’s because pet snakes are relatively easy to care for, require minimal exercise, groom themselves, love to be handled and feel comfortable and safe in their enclosures. So when it comes to snakes for sale, consider a boa constrictors for your next pet.

What You Need To Know About Boas For Sale

If you’re looking for snakes for sale, you should consider xyzReptiles’ boas for sale. They are quite docile in temperament and love to be handled by their owners. Captive bred boas for sale from us are more healthy and docile than their wild counterparts.

Some boas do get quite large and live for about 25 to 30 years, so plan on your pet boa being around for a long time. There are several subspecies of the boa constrictor, but in general caring for boas is fairly simple. Our boas for sale are solitary snakes and make great pets!

If you get a baby boa, a glass aquarium will suffice. But if you opt for an adult boa for sale, you’ll need a larger custom enclosure. Boas in general are curious and will escape if given the chance, so make sure the enclosure is secure. The minimum enclosure size for a baby is a 10 gallon tank. You’ll also have to be able to have it at proper temperatures for the boa to be comfortable and healthy.

A Wide Variety Of Boa Constrictors For Sale

We have a wide selection of boa constrictors for sale! Our boa constrictors are healthy and will be delivered to you feeding already. We work with selected breeders to make sure that you get the best boa constrictors for sale no matter what boa species you choose. You can select from our nice selection from across the globe including Kenyan sand boas, Columbian red tails and Central American dwarf boas. You’ll also find that our boa constrictors for sale are competitively priced. When shopping boas for sale online make sure you buy your new pet snake from a reputable company! Read reviews, watch unboxing videos and check forums to see what type of experiences other customers have had with the company.

Should I Buy A Boa Constrictor For Sale?

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Our boas for sale make fantastic pets, no matter what your experience level is. Boas in general are great to keep but this article will focus mainly on the boa constrictor. That’s because they’re a pretty popular breed and once you’ve owned one for a while and it’s easy to see why. Although they’re not for everyone, baby boa constrictors do make stunning pets. A baby boa constrictor can grow to an impressive size and their strength as an adult can require at least two adults for safe handling.

If you want to buy a boa constrictor for sale, there are several commitments you’ll need to make. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet which you can easily handle and house, a boa is not for you; however, that’s not to say that it’s a difficult pet to keep. All it takes is a little patience and effort. If you’re wondering whether or not you should buy one of our boas for sale, here are a few reasons to help you figure it out.

Reasons to buy boas for sale:

  • Simple diet: you won’t have to worry about switching up its diet since rodents are the usual choice of food.
  • Can live without food for over a week: you won’t need to worry about making it home in time to feed you boa constrictor. One large feeding is all they need for several days.
  • Non-aggressive and slow moving by nature: boa constrictors are pretty docile and laid back.  
  • Long lifespan: If you’re looking for a pet that will keep you company for years to come, a boa is right for you.

Reasons to buy another snake in place of boas for sale:

  • Require a controlled environment: hot in the daytime, cooler during the nighttime.
  • Need a sturdy and large enclosure with a lot of space: they’re strong and can get pretty large. They’ll need a secure, and likely custom, enclosure as adults. 
  • Need large amounts of food: If you’re squeamish about live feed, especially larger prey like rats and rabbits, you definitely won’t want a boa constrictor.
  • Feed with caution: when feeding your boa, it’s recommended to use a handling stick, in case your boa mistakes your hand for food.

Different Boa Morphs

Of course, if you love different boa morphs, we have plenty of boas for sale. We know that boas are extremely popular and we’re proud to provide the highest quality and variety of boa morphs for sale including central American boas, Dumeril’s boas, Suriname boas and sand boas.

More Boas For Sale

Boa constrictors are great for reptile lovers but if you’re looking for other boas for sale you can browse our selection and find something that’s more your style. 

Where would the reptile trade be without Boa Constrictors?

October 22nd, 2015 by

Ask most people in the reptile hobby that question and you will be surprised how integral boas have been in the complete herp experience. Going back to the 50’s and 60’s the old-timers will tell you of the days when boas were sold by the foot for 1-3 dollars a foot. Back then common boas and red tail boas were just a matter of opinion and taste and they were all feisty and wild. So many things have changed in the decades since but what hasn’t is the affinity keepers show for their pet boa constrictors and how far they are willing to go to be able to keep them.

Boa Morphs

My first pet snake was a ball python but the second one was a baby Colombian red tail boa purchased from a now extinct reptile shop. I still remember looking in the atlas of snakes by John Coborn and dreaming of the day I could have one of each of the different Boas listed. Back then locality Boas were as fancy as it got since there were barely any Boa Morphs to speak of. Thanks to the hard work of a handful of dedicated boa breeders in the US we can now choose from a growing variety of Boas including the beautiful Princess Diamond, and the all white Leucistic morph to name a few. The lengths that the breeder had to go to in the struggle of bringing that single mutation to the market are astounding.

Boa Constrictors for Sale

There was a big scare recently as Boa Constrictors were being considered as a late add on to the Injurious Species List but thanks to the hard work of the reptile community we managed to make sure that most boas remain on the available list of reptiles for sale . We did lose the ability to freely keep and breed Anacondas but all other boas are available on the market today. At xyzReptiles we have a growing section of boa constrictors for sale and as we work closely with some of our breeder friends we will continue to strengthen and diversify this section of the site to bring you the best in genetics and quality that is available. Keep us in mind if you have a litter or more available for sale and enjoy your pet Boa in the meantime.